Review of Screamin’ Skull Press by Tony and Nicole Nesca

October 20, 2015

screaming_skullThis is the first time I review two authors simultaneously and this is also the first time I review a married couple of authors and their shared business: their independent publishing company called Screamin’ Skull Press. Inside this company, Tony and Nicole Nesca publish only their books, a kind of literature they define “ renegade, unconventional and rebel” and that literary criticism has also defined “ underground literature”.

Indeed, Tony and Nicole feel to belong to a generation of writers called “ Beat Generation”, cultural movement born in the U.S. in the 1950s. Tony and Nicole Nesca, instead, were born between the late 1960s and the early 1970s, a time in which the world has gone through revolutionary changes and towards to a new mindfulness about freedom and personal identity. Today, deliverance and transgression that writers cultivated during those years have been utterly lost. But not for Mr and Mrs Nesca, they feel still today, a deep sense of rebellion against hypocrisy and conformism pervading the soul of our society. Rebellion and will to spread a more spontaneous way to make literature, led Tony and Nicole Nesca to write likewise spontaneous novels, short stories and poetry.

Going to read Nesca’s writing, readers can find a deep awareness of the harshness of life. Their words are like an unstoppable flow of thoughts, a full stream which grips, upsets and overwhelms you inside a suburban world where people are shown with their faults and weakness and life for what it is really: vain endeavors, grief, dustbin. But all this harshness also hides a deep intimacy and tenderness, an inner sweetness that, little by little, unveils the mood of two pure souls. Pure literature and prose, they are the books by Tony Nesca, such as About A Girl, Hobo, The Do -Two Nothing Boys and the latest work (here unveiled in advance) entitled Calabritto. Calabritto retraces the Italian origins of his author, who was born in Turin in 1965 from two Italian parents who, in turn, have lived in Southern Italy (Sicily and Puglia).

Calabritto is a lyrical story written as prose, a successful fiction book that deserves of being published by Italian publishers and sold in the Italian bookstores. Pure literature, prose and poetry they are also the poems by Nicole I. Nesca. She was born in Ohio (U.S.) and lives in Canada along with her husband Tony but she has also Italian origins because her relatives are from Naples. I suggest you to read her poetry and prose collection, Kamikaze White Noise, and Canned and the poem Diamond Scare Alley, the latter is her latest release of poetry.

Since these authors can be regarded as Italian – Canadian, I believe their books fit into the European and Italian culture. Nesca’s books can be much appreciated by the fans of authors such as Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs and Lucien Carr.

These famous authors wrote the so called literature on the road ( from the title of the namesake novel by Jack Kerouac) or street-literature, just as it is the one by Tony and Nicole Nesca.These two indie and self-published authors have done much more: bring this kind of literature to a new life, a sort of resurrection to shake this shallow and flat modern world. Nescas’ poetry and prose talk just to all us: it is real, heartfelt and shaped by the same hands and mind of this brave and extraordinary authors. Their books are also an enjoyable coming back into a literary past that is risking to be lost forever.

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