Review of Sara’ Leon by Anthony Robson

March 24, 2015

All readers who will read this book will think: this is the revenge of women. I had the same thought after reading the book titled Sara’Leon, the new novel written by the American author Anthony Robson. Sara’ Leon is a science fiction novel for adult readers with a good mental balance. Although this work has less than 200 pages, its structure is strong, compelling and highly impressive.

Sara’ Leon is indeed the story of an alien woman raised on a planet called Adamen. This planet is ruled by men that control the woman’s life in a cruel manner. Women are not allowed to study or to have a job or a high social position. All women who disobey are killed on the spot. Even Sara’ witnessed the death of her mother and sister killed by the males of her planet. Maybe for this painful and upsetting experience, Sara’, a day, becomes a murderer who kills and beheads all people she meets on her way.

For such crimes, Sara’ undergoes a trial and is banished to another planet. Put under sedation, Sara’ Leon is imprisoned into a spaceship shaped like a pod and sent on a long travel into the solar system. Suddenly, the ship crashes off the coastline of Sana Monique’s beach, in California, by killing and burning thousands of innocent people, even children. The Us government and Army intervene to handle the effects of the accident and to discover who is the driver of the alien spaceship.

Inside this alien container, the American men discover the body of a beautiful extraterrestrial woman who is sleeping in a pod: that is Sara’ Leon. After her awakening, Sara’ manages to flee the surveillance of the nurses and the American guards. None can stop her because the woman is outfitted with incredible powers. Sara’ can even melt the steel of doors with the rays of her eyes. At this stage, this fantastic woman looks like the female version of Superman, but the similitude with the famous cartoon ends here because this character, thanks to her uncontrollable power, takes the power on the Earth and appoints herself the Queen of the Earth.

This powerful queen makes the Us President cry like a child and condemns all males of the Earth to live in the concentration camps. Just born, the males also endure a surgery to have a microchip in their body that controls their mind. In short, Sara’ Leon behaves like a cruel and merciless woman. All women of the Earth are instead rewarded by the Queen with important political and social roles. This story moves, scares, scandalizes because it reverses rules and centuries of male domination by men over women.

This novel also induces readers to seek the real identity of Sara’ Leon. Who is she, really: a cruel alien woman or a victim of a violence which it could be avoided? During this overwhelming reading, readers will also be led to wonder: but if the women took the power on the Earth, they would be as cruel as men? In this book, especially during the harsh and well written description of the life of men in the concentration camps, the author makes us understand that violence and cruelty have no genre. But at last of the book, the real purpose of Sara’ is unveiled.

To conclude this review, I must say that the background of the story of Sara’ Leon is as hard and apocalyptic just as our world is: filled of wars, injustice and violence. However and luckily, the author has had the ability to turn the pain cry of our planet into a novel ( available on Amazon)  to be read from the first to last page.

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