Review of Rugìle by Fabrizio Ulivieri

May 29, 2017

rugile-coverThis is a kind of book you can read in one breath. Really. I read this work in one breath, too. In his novel, this Italian author puts his personal opinion about love, sex and life, concatenating them with a unique meaning, namely an interesting philosophy about the different universes from which we are surrounded. I am discussing about Rugìle, the new romance for adult readers written by Italian author Fabrizio Ulivieri. As just said, this is a work you could have read in a couple of days, but this is also a fast paced literary tale about sex, passion and instinct, three noticeable items of the personal life of the main character of the book: a man who can love many women simultaneously, provided that they are foreign and very young women.

Through the sharp and dry description of an Italian middle aged man, this Italian author exhibited his literary talent to drag us into an apparently perverse world of sexual relationships with Asian, American and Lithuanian women, where sex is more important than love. Strangely, love is more important for the main character, an Italian, wealthy, maybe famous man, who lives in Florence. In the book, this character is unnamed, while each of the chapters is titled with the names of the women he loved. Indeed, the entire book is titled Rugìle, namely the name of the latest character of the novel, who opens the first pages and close the last chapter. Rugìle is a divorced woman who allows the character to discover the real meaning of love, even though she decided to be a prostitute after leaving her boring husband.

I think the unnamed character has a strange opinion about sex and love, but I also believe the author has voluntarily created this kind of dualism in order to deepen some burning issues of our time, namely the fear of aging and dying. This man suffered from a severe stomach disease which led him on the edge of an abyss. Fortunately, and thanks to homoeopathy, he managed to defeat his illness and after divorcing and despite two daughters, he wants to come to live and love, once again. He meets his women at the bar, at the library in Florence or on Facebook. He wants only to love young women, above all the foreign and Asian ones.

I must confess I blushed during reading, because I am not accustomed to reading this literary genre, but I decided to review it because the writing style of the author is well arranged, I would say it is perfect for readers who love this genre. The work is also surrounded by quotes in English that the author used to explain the meaning of the stories written in Italian. Hence, that is very original book we can include into the category of bilingual novels.

For information about this book,  see the author’s official website.

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