Review of Men who hate women by Stieg Larsson

February 16, 2015

This is a crime thriller capable to overcome the perfect plot of the American TV movie ‘ Criminal Minds’. However, this book is not American but it comes from by the mind of the one the most talented European authors: Stieg Larsson, the Swedish journalist and writer died prematurely in November of 2004 because of a sudden heart attack. The book is the first of a trilogy entitled Millenium, its title is ‘Men who hate women‘.

The original version of the book was written in Swedish and later translated in English, German, Spanish and Italian. The title of the English version is, in reality, ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. Since its first release, ‘Men who hate women’ got a planetary success, almost incredible for a European author. Which is the real reason of all this success? The reason is the plot and the style of writing of this author. ‘Men who hate women’ keeps readers with bated breath from the first to the last page and consider we are speaking about a book of 600 pages.

‘Men who hate women’ is the story of the financial journalist Mikael Blomkvist, also editor in chief of Millenium, the magazine founded by him and now at risk to close because of a denounce of a powerful company of which Mikael had written some burning inquires. To turn away the bad consequences of this denounce, Mikael accepts another assignment from the rich tycoon Henrik Vanger, who asks Mikael to investigate about his niece Harriet, who missed mysteriously 40 years ago.

To conduce this investigation, Mikael gets the help of Lisbeth Salander, a young woman who thanks to her experience as a hacker, is capable to discover several secret records of any type of PC and device. During the plot, Mikael and Lisbeth seem to fall in love, in reality, the woman has only sex with Mikael because she hides an awful secret,too: she was raped by his legal tutor. The investigation of Mikael and Lisbeth leads to unexpected turn of events and to find out horrible truths which are beyond each reasonable imagination.

As usual, we read this book entirely and know about its end, we can assure you it is upsetting. The arrangement of the plot makes this book suitable only for adult readers. Men who hate women is the clearest example about how a writer can keep readers in the constant expectation something may happen at any moment. The missing of the young girl Harriet, the niece of Henrik Vanger, keeps with it, creepy family secrets, where each relationship among its members is impregnated with misogyny, violence and unexplainable hate against women.

The global success of Men who hate women is more than deserved, hence. This book shows all murky sides of the relationship between men and women and the extent to which violence can go. For some sides, the book is touching, above all towards the end, when Mikael discovers the truth about the Missing of Harriet Vanger. For the rest, the book keeps a high emotional strain which involves, upsets and induces to read it over and over again.

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