Review of “ La fine del mondo storto” by Mauro Corona

March 27, 2015

I wrote this book review with a big sadness in my hearth and a great disappointment. All this is not because I read a bad book but, on the contrary, because I read an enlightening book, a great truth about this world and the human beings who have inhabited on it for millions of years. The book I am speaking about is titled: “La fine del mondo storto”. This is always a book written in Italian by the famous novelist Mauro Corona and that it would be wonderful to translate in English.


We chose this other kind of review because we would like that the English readers read good and excellent books. “La fine del mondo storto” is one of the ones. If we tried to translate the title of this book, the right name would be “ The end of the wrong world”. I am sure that now it is easier understanding the deeper meaning of this book. “La fine del mondo storto” tells about an epoch where our planet runs out all its energy sources, namely oil, nuclear energy and coal.

The author imagines and describes what would happen if the mainstream energy sources ended forever. The book starts with an apocalyptic and awful description: it is the winter, there is very cold, ice and snow are covering the whole Earth planet. Men and women abruptly discover they can’t warm anymore and use light, electricity and to do things that it was very easy to do before. To survive in this harsh condition, human beings must accustom to go back into time, namely to use old methods to feed and find food.

With no energy source, industries stopped their production, none can use smartphones and PC. What matters, at the moment, is survive and fight against adversities. Inside this murky and discouraging landscape, many people die from disease and depression. Those who were wealthier during the stage of global development and wellness, because of this hard life condition, sink into a deep depression and get crazy, many of them commit suicide, others try to corrupt other persons by offering money and gold and it is at this point that the author reveals the real meaning of the book: “ You are stupid and dull- one of the characters said- did you understand you can’t buy nothing anymore with your dirty gold and money?”

The point of view of Mauro Corona is very clear and lead us to reflect about our current world: financial power, money, precious and gold worth less than nothing when a natural disaster hits the world. None can eat gold when people have no source to produce the goods to survive, namely food and medicines. The story told by Mauro Corona makes men all equal among them: with no difference, nor rich and neither poor people. When you read the English version of this book, you’ll feel relieved at first, and it will be as though your worries and despair came swept away with an only hit.

Maybe, at the end, when human beings begin to organize groups of leaders who head the new farms to grow seed and plants, a tip of sadness will invade your hearth, the same sadness who affected me when I read the book. The will of power and oppression of people over other people emerges also when a natural disaster occurs. Like Cain and Abel in the Bible, the characters of “La fine del mondo storto”, will be engaged again to turn the new right world into the usual bad and wrong world.


  • Rick November 28, 2018 at 01:56

    It’s very great book.

    • Rosalba Mancuso November 28, 2018 at 18:25

      Yes Rick, you are right, that is very great book.
      It is heartfelt and truthful written and its meaning floats in the mind of readers relentlessly.

  • Cynthia November 27, 2018 at 19:42

    Would love to have an English version! I hope it’s coming soon!

    • Rosalba Mancuso November 28, 2018 at 18:20

      Hi Cynthia, sometimes, great books like this remain untranslated and I don’t understand why.
      I’ll let you know if this work will be translated into English.

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