Review of I married a dead man by Sharon Jargba and Anthony Robson

April 21, 2015

I felt a little relieved when I read this book. Life, hence, is not always bad and cruel and there also room for charity, luck and solidarity among people. This is the deep and intense meaning of: I married a dead man, a brilliant fiction, fantasy, novel written by two American authors: Sharon Jargba and Anthony Robson. The book has a medium length, nearly 130 pages, but its meaning is longer, really, and remains forever among readers’ memories.

The main character of I married a dead man is the same author, or rather, Sharon Jargba chose to give her name to the female character of the book. In the story, Sharon is a single mother who raises her children alone. Her life goes as the one of the most of people, with a tiring and unpleasant work and concerns about how to handle the daily life. One day, while she is on the cemetery to visit the grave of her late father, Sharon meets the spirit of a dead man called Peter and since that day her life changes fully.

The beginning of the book, especially in the first chapter, is very nostalgic and poetic, Sharon is at the cemetery to remember and pray for her beloved father, it is a wonderful morning, with no a breeze of wind and a cloudless sky. The silence is full and total and fits to allow a woman like Sharon may hear the sound and the voice of a ghost. The ghost is Peter, a billionaire murdered five years ago. Sharon doesn’t trust men, especially the men of the modern society.

Can a dead man be better than a man alive? Sharon thinks he can. And it is at this stage that the love story between the single mother and the dead man starts. Peter loves Sharon very much and to prove her this feeling, he leaves an abundant tip in the room of the hotel where Sharon works as a cleaner and a keeper. After coming back home with her children, Sharon also discovers a large amount of money hidden in the tub of her bathroom: five millions of dollars.

Thanks to this money Sharon leaves her work and think of a better life. But also with the help of a dead man, life is not so easy. Sharon has to explain the source of the money to FBI officers and persuade Peter’s son and his wife she can see their father. The end of the book will reveal a fantastic turn of event, one of those events capable to surprise readers with a masterstroke. I married a dead man shows that in the world, there are also good people.

Peter is a dead man, but I warn readers to read the book up to its end to discover if Peter is really dead or not. Sharon is instead torn between keeping the money for herself or giving it to needy people. This single and troubled woman will not hesitate a moment to give her money for charity. Maybe, in the real life, a single woman would do otherwise and this detail lead readers to wonder: if I found five millions of dollars in the tub of my bathroom, what would I do?

I married a dead man will reply to all of the questions that will arise in the mind of readers. The book is surprising, really, and very relaxing to be read. Style of writing is perfect, fluent and easily understandable also to not English native speakers. An understandable writing is a signal of mastery by the authors. Moreover, I married a dead man is an enjoyable good book to be read in one breath. You may read little by little, if you want, but the value of I married a dead man doesn’t change: that is a great novel to be bought immediately on Amazon.


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