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July 27, 2016
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Here is another fantastic book that will remain in my heart forever. When I accepted to review it, upon the request of the author, I thought I would have read the usual fantasy book, but as soon as I opened and read the first page, I found myself reading an excellent fantasy story seasoned with a hint of horror and current topics. The book, titled Eloise, The Secret Behind The Mask, has been written by Italian author L. Vucetich, the pen name of a talented young writer who lives in Milan. This book is indeed the English edition translated by Patricia Keiller. I read just the version in English. And what can I say about this book?

Above all, I can tell that is the first episode of a fantasy series which is ready to achieve the same international success of the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. This Italian author, indeed, is a true fan of J. K. Rowling. The fantasy plots created by the famous literary mother of Harry Potter have shaped the writing style of this young author. However, in Eloise, I found something else and even more interesting: the skill to tell about the life of the main character Eloise, by enriching it with supernatural, horror and fantasy cues. Eloise is a special girl, very special. As soon as she became of age, runs away from home to follow her first great love, or who she believes to be so, at least, Mark. The latter, unfortunately, forces her to prostitute herself.

During her awful and painful job, Eloise has a dear friend and colleague, Caroline, who helps her bear the hard moments of her dreadful business: namely the meetings with the customers. It is just inside one of these sex appointments that Eloise meets the man who’ll change her life forever, his name is Lukas. He always wears a mask on his surely handsome and charming face. And he always appears to save her when she finds herself in troubles. Step by step and chapter after chapter Eloise comes to be overwhelmed by a magical world where a hard fight is raging: the one between good and evil. Caroline and Lukas are not real human beings, but a sort of supernatural creatures in charge of saving Eloise. To save her from what or whom?

This is the great question that obsesses readers from the first pages of the novel. Instead, Eloise is a girl who even though puts on dark clothes, black make up and high heeled boots, has much more love to give to herself and above all, to Lukas. But her fate is the one to fight the dark supernatural forces that are ready to dominate the world with the power of black magic. Supernatural creatures, demons, vampires, powerful witches surround this very gripping story and also well written and translated.

Not only a fantasy, but an urban fantasy perfectly combined with the best horror style that only the authors such as Stephen Kind have done during their career. Indeed, I was very impressed by the writing style of L. Vucetich: perfect, fast paced, made of short sentences and punctuation that created a very high emotional strain. I must admit very few books have this perfect writing style nowadays. Eloise is a white soul destined to challenge the black souls. They surround the world, they are around us, with their subtle evil. Who’ll win? To discover it, you need to buy and read Eloise, The Secret Behind The Mask and then to wait for the forthcoming episode, namely the book 2.

For more information about the book and the author please read the press release and the interview.

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