Review of Earth Walk: The Meaning? By Anthony Robson

December 11, 2014

What I read is a unique and original book. I figured out that, when I virtually browsed its pages on the screen of my pc. Earth Walk ( buy here or download for free here),  this is the title of the book, begins with a clear introduction by its author Anthony Robson and proceeds with a series of chapters embracing several literary genres: fantasy, religion, horror, fiction, supernatural and so on. But, after reading it wholly, I was sure to have read a religious message and a religion book, a sort of modern metaphor of the Apocalypse (the latter is the final book of the Holy Bible).


Earth Walk, subtitled, The Meaning, is a strong warning for all human beings, an appeal from a supernatural world in order to invite women and men, called kindly brothers and sisters, to save their soul corrupted with sin, murder, abuse, lust, crime, exploitation and violence. In Earth Walk, the author imagines himself as a dead ended up in a supernatural world where he is transformed into a strange winged angel. The angel is sent on the earth to witness the vicissitudes of human beings and self-destruction of the world. This winged being is called the earth walker, a sort of strange creature who may also have human shape and cross the entire world.

The earth walker can’t change the course of events on the earth, but he can only witness all what is happening on our planet. The main task of earth walker, indeed, is to report what he saw on the earth in a book titled “Earth Walk”. I must say that this way to write is really very original, almost supernatural, because the author, while he was writing, inserted his work in the plot.

The book, that contains a list of crimes, violence and other stuff defined as “evil”, ends up in the hands of a high priest in the very far away year 9013. From the depths of the sea, the book is picked and brought aboard a ship and delivered to the priest who begins to read it: the volume dates back to 2013, that is the year Anthony Robson really wrote Earth Walk. The high priest reads the book loudly, and his fellows listens a sort of collection of horror and evil caused by human beings on the earth and reported by the earth walker during his journey on our planet.

This supernatural reporter meets also other dead people who don’t realize why they can’t speak to living relatives and friends. Every place where evil and sin occur, such as abuse, rape or murder, is also accompanied by dark shadows, they would be demons like those we saw in the famous movie “Ghost”. Through the several chapters of Earth Walk, readers will be projected into a sort of kaleidoscope of creepy human tragedies: from murder of children to exploitation of human beings around the world. The earth walker can shift his human shape into a soul.

As a soul, the character reaches a universe parallel made of blinding light and bright vibrations. At last, but we won’t tell the end of the book, Earth Walk invites us to reflect about evil and sin and makes us realize that the salvation is always possible for everybody, but to save us, we must change our heart and soul before it is too late. The meaning of this book, over to be the subtitle of the work, is very high and we believe it is the proper reading for Christmas. During this reading, maybe someone will repent for his sins and mistakes. Meanwhile, you have to know that Earth Walk is a book published in U.S. by Tate Publishing.  


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