Review of Dark Tales by Chester Lee

December 2, 2016

dark tales chester lee coverSometimes, unlike the Italian language, English does not allow to create an emotional writing for some literary genres. I think, for example, about horror fiction or fantasy or mystery, but this was one of the very few books which managed to impress me even in English. I am discussing about Dark Tales ( the cover is from, a sort of dark fiction gushed from the creativity of Chester Lee. In the book, the author faces a burning issue of our time: kidnapped girls used and exploited by smugglers to earn money from prostitution. For its hard and impressive content the book is suitable for adults, only. However, the author, respecting the sensitiveness of readers, has not written detailed descriptions in the chapter about a kidnapped little girl, but only about the story of the main character, namely Amy.

Plot: Amy is a young girl seeking for a job. She does a job interview in a club to work as a waitress. She faces the interview with one of the owners of the Club, Rick, who hires her immediately and says: “Just be here tonight 9pm”. Amy obeys to this sort of order, unaware that her nightmare will begin just that night in the club called “Temptress”. The club is in London, a dark London, where Amy has lived for three years since she was fifteen years old. In this dark and mysterious London and after her alcoholism, Amy is trying to sort her painful life and forget alcohol. She is excited and very happy for finding a job which helps her live better. Unfortunately, the Temptress is managed by a gang of smugglers where Amy is kidnapped, enslaved, raped by Rick and his brutal minions and forced to work as a prostitute for the customers of the Club. From this stage, the life of Amy is an incessant attempting to flee from this Club and get her revenge against Rich and his disgusting accomplices.

Opinion: Dark Tales is a good book enriched with high emotional strain capable to drag readers into the same nightmare of Amy. The pace of the story is fast, overwhelming and breathtaking, writing style shows well arranged literary skills. The copy I read has some punctuation and spelling mistakes and would need further proofreading, but overall, it is an enjoyable literary work. Without these mistakes I would give a rating of five stars to the book. The writing style is also suitable for translation into Italian, but I don’t believe fictional short stories are suitable for the Italian readers, the book is, indeed, 66 pages. Dark Tales is instead excellent for the European market. Below, a summary of this book review.


Plot: Excellent

Opinion: Good book

Rating: Four stars.

Writing is suitable for translation into Italian? Yes

The book fits the Italian market? No

Genre: Fictional short story

Pages: 66

Available for free download on: Indigo, Free, Foboko

Book topic: abused girls, prostitution exploitation, alcoholic teenagers.

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