Review of Caged by Destiny Hawkins

October 20, 2014

caged volume1This is the story of a teenager who was kidnapped during her childhood. This is a tale written by a new author who is about to get fame and success. Her name is Destiny Hawkins, very young author who last September published the first part of her new book titled Caged.

Advicesbooks has just received that first part of Caged to review the story and other details that make we think this can be a successful book. Caged begins the story by speaking about a little girl who was kidnapped by a criminal gang that uses children in clandestine fights. The book, hence, begins with a very strong and impressive style made of aggressiveness and violence against an undefended girl forced to fight against other guys to get freedom and to come home.

After these hard pages, the book makes a jump of a few years and readers find out the main character of Caged, Rose, is already a teenager and under the protection of her aunt. Rose tries to be accepted in a new environment, at the new school and to find new friends, among these, Rose met a girl who was probably kidnapped like her, but also a series of annoying counselors who seem to help Rose to forget her brutal past, but that in reality wants to keep the girl still tied to sad memories and her aggressive temper.

The hard behavior of Rose has also emerged during the simulated fights that her friends and a counselor of the school have organized to prove the girl has still troubles with her past. Could that experiment be useful to free Rose from her hard experience of a kidnapped little girl? To response this question it needs to read the whole book .

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