Review of Beyond Blue by Therese J. Borchard

December 19, 2014

When we were children, everything seemed magic and fantastic. When we get adult, the same things can appear like dark, nasty and terrible. This changed outlook can be caused by a widely spread disease: depression. This disease is also well described on Beyond Blue: Surviving  depression ans anxiety and making  the most of bad genes,  the book written by Therese J. Borchard, the author of the popular blog In her book, the author explains lots of processes and mechanisms which are the basis of depression.

In the early chapters of the book, Therese introduces herself as an addicted woman, alcoholic and always depressed person. In conclusion, she speaks about herself with no mercy. Through its harshness, Beyond Blue is a book that clarifies many sides of depression and lead us to realize the disease can also be caused by bad genes and not only by emotional problems.

Very often, depression is a perfect and a lethal combination among several causes, genetic and emotional and this aspect is well revealed in the book of Therese J. Borchard. Addition to a biographical book, Beyond Blue (buy here) is also an essays book and a depth report about one the most spread diseases of the modern world. In her book, Therese tells about her teenage, about the years at school, when she became alcohol addicted and endured an assault by a boy, perhaps a schoolmate, during a party.

Therese has suffered from the first symptoms of depression since her youth, but her symptoms got worse in adult age, even when she married her loved husband and became a mother. Step by step, the life of Therese changes into hell, the woman often bursts into tears and her children are forced to see their mother crying every day. This sinister and dark cocktail of bad emotions harms Therese’s life severely and the author assists to her painful descent towards all symptoms that depression may cause: sense of guilt, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic, sleeplessness, anxiety and low self esteem.

But Therese is a brave and strong woman, as all depressed people can be… She deepens her disease, discovering that bad genes could be responsible for it. She speaks about a gland in the brain, the amygdala, an endocrine structure that rules emotions. For unknown genetic causes, the amygdala can also induce mood swings as the ones endured by Therese.

Beyond Blue is really a book which gives a big hope to those people who suffer from depression and other mental disorders. Therese also managed to overcome her emotional problems by writing for her blog and this detail proves that if all we have an aim or a mission in our life, the demons of the soul can be easily defeated.

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