This book deserves respect, silence and prayer. This book is also a detailed historical account about merciless crimes perpetrated by Nazi officers during the Second World War. I am speaking about All the Light We Cannot See, the best seller book rewarded with the Pulitzer Prize and written by the hyper talented American author Anthony Doerr. I read the book last weeks, during my summer holidays. Maybe, for the plot, the book wouldn’t be suitable to be read in the summer, but after reading it, I can assure everybody that this work can and must also be read during the holidays.

Being a best seller, All the light We Cannot See, has already been reviewed by the most important American and British newspapers. I always discovered this book randomly, during one of my visitations to the Library of my country. I read the Italian version of this book. Rather, this great work marks the debut of Anthony Doerr in the Italian literary market. About the translation into the Italian language, All the Light We Cannot See was translated by well two translators: Daniele A. Gerwuz and Isabella Zani.

The book tells the story of two children born and lived during the Second World War. The French girl, named Marie Laurie, gets blind at six years, while the boy, Werner, is a German guy raised in a foster home along with his sister Jutta. Thanks to his high skills to adjust and build radio tools, Werner is enrolled inside the Hitler’s young troupes and later sent to fight as an adult soldier to catch rebels.

Marie Laurie and Werner witness all horror of the war, despite her blindness , Marie Laurie feels, listens and hears all what happens around her, from her father’s kidnapping due to Nazi soldiers to the death of Madame Manec, the mistress who teaches to Marie Laurie to organize meetings with other women to send secret messages to the partisans.

At first, the book can seem too hard to follow, because of the alternate chapters which tell the vicissitudes of Mary Laurie first and later Werner’s story. But this is not a problem, since the book, toward the central stage of the plot, becomes very poignant and gripping. I can say that I never read a book like this, with all these feelings, grief and emotions. In his unbiased writing, the author does not write really, but shows facts, historical events and emotions who none will never be able to forget.

The cruel behavior of German and Nazi soldiers is described as it was really: cold and cynical. I must confess to everybody that reading the book, I was very touched. Touched because it is impossible to think that for a dumb and needless war, weak and undefended people (also babies and children) was shot and killed with no pity, with the only reason to create a perfect and powerful German Reign that the craziness of Hitler and his likewise mad fellows called Reich!

Anthony Doerr was very able to describe this historical novel with no external explanation, but only causing the various characters to show their feelings and suffering. At last, the main characters, Marie Laurie and Werner, meet and cross their destiny along the streets of France occupied by the German army. When I said the book deserves silence, respect and prayer, it just was to let emotions coming from the book conquered your soul. Silence, respect and prayer for all victims of all wars and to gain a new mindfulness based only on reading a real masterpiece.

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