Review of Achilla The Strong by Grant Miller

April 7, 2015

This book has all of the ingredients to get success. There is a brilliant lawyer, Brendan, married with a wise woman, Sam, and with a son named Samuel, and there is a teenager, Achilla, who plays on the basketball team trained by the same Brendan. One day, Brendan notes that the girl looks alike to him and his former girlfriend Ailina.

The latter is an abusive and violent mother and woman who trained her daughter to fight against her and other people. These fights seem to be more a sort of extortion and violence that Ailina practices against her daughter.

Indeed, the poor girl, to earn his daily food, must prove to can fight with her mother. The fights among the two consist of kicks, punches and other violent gestures that risk to endanger the healthy growth of Achilla. However, the girl, maybe because of these hard workouts, develops a body, muscles and a supernatural force that none has never seen before. Very soon, Brendan realizes Achilla could be his daughter and decides that the girl must live with him and his family.

All this is the initial plot of “Achilla The Strong”, the book written by a talented indie author named Grant Miller. Grant was capable to create a great novel containing all requirements to get a good literary success. Achilla The Strong is published on, but it could also be published by famous publishers like Penguin or Random House. It is impossible for Advicesbooks that a similar book is published only on online platforms of self publishing. The story is well engineered and filled with high emotional strain and various kinds of sensation and feelings.

The new meeting with Brendan and his former partner Ailina is a clear sample of high literature. The terrible woman reveals to Brendan that Ailina is their daughter. Thanks to a lawsuit undertaken by Brendan, the girl is entrusted to her father. The first days of cohabitation are hard for Achilla, who doesn’t’ know how have good relationships with other people. The life of this teenager has been led by violence and her unique language is fight and give punches and hit to defend herself and her new family.

Brendan and his wife Sam have the hard task to teach Achilla to behave like a girl and not only like a warrior. Kicks and punches save Achilles to be raped by one of the classmates but lead her to be expelled from the school. This story has captured my attention since the first pages. The vicissitudes of Achilla, despite his supernatural force, are very normal and human, or rather, inhuman. Ailina is an inhuman mother accustomed to beat her daughter and her random partners.

This woman, who has the same supernatural force of her daughter, was even capable to pull the sink of the bathroom and to hurl it against Brendan during their relationship. This is the reason that led the lawyer to leave Ailina. The vicissitudes that Achilla endures at school, like for instance, the insults by a couple of despicable girls, are the same examples of bullying that nowadays occur in many schools.

To loss no score, the novel is surrounded by a subtle dash of racial denounce: Achilla, is, indeed, a black girl, and the violence of her mother Ailina could come from a problem of racism that this woman has against her own daughter. In short, Achilla The Strong is a great story and an exceptional novel: well written, well told and well showed and described. This novel doesn’t’ deserve only to be read, but also to be published by an earnest and established international publisher.

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