Review of 7 Health Myths Demolished by Janice Yap

March 6, 2017

7 health myths demolished coverThis book has been written by a researcher who lives in Singapore. She is Janice Yap and is skilled in nutritional immunology. The latter is a science which helps people choose the best lifestyle solutions to prevent aging and diseases. According the point of views of the author, human beings can live for many years only if they return to the root of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet and a likewise healthy lifestyle can be pursued only using products coming from nature. That is why a natural lifestyle, also made with natural and organic products, can help us to live for a longer time and defeat many diseases.

Topic and opinion

Which are the diseases who human beings fear the most?  Cancer and neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases, but also aging and troubles directly linked to the aging of our cells and body.  Unfortunately, technological and chemical progress didn’t help Mankind  live longer and get a healthy life, but only to keep many chronic  diseases under control.  However,  keeping diseases under control is completely different from heal diseases. Healing and wellness can be conquered only if human beings learn about the most important properties of plants and vegetable products.

I read passionately this book because I love nature and natural medicine very much, in addition to promote and review books. Many times, people don’t’ know that some flowers and  plants contain  a  very high amount of antioxidants.  These are molecules that prevent aging and consequently help to keep us young. I bet many people would  like to resemble  a younger person also when they are over 50 or 60 years. This outstanding result can be got by taking foods and plants rich in antioxidants.

From this helpful premise, the author cast the foundations to lead readers to demolish the most common  health myths, such as to drink orange juice to prevent the flu or to use a skin cream to fight aging signs and wrinkles o take chemical medicines  to keep chronic diseases under control.  These are only three  of the seven  health myths that Janice  Yap tried to demolish in her essay . Naturally, if you developed a chronic disease, you must take your medicines, because you could  die, otherwise. The core of the problem would be, at the contrary, to never develop  a chronic disease, but this is a long path made of reliable information and mindfulness.

Do you know, for example, that rose and cactus flowers have more antioxidants than lemons and oranges. To get a healthy amount of antioxidants you should take 50 oranges per day, at least! While roses have  all the antioxidants of 50 lemons or 50 oranges  in a single and small part of the plant!  Very interesting also the chapter about anti-aging creams. Most of these products contain collagen, a molecule naturally produced  by our body. When we age, our body stops producing collagen and uses the remaining molecules.

Many women believe that they can replace the missing  collagen by putting anti-aging  creams on their skin. But this is a mere illusion, because collagen is a big molecule that our skin can’t adsorb. Hence, to help out body to keep a high amount of collagen,  we must take antioxidants from organic food and plants such as roses.  Antioxidants prevent aging and all the  diseases linked to it, such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and so on.

Remember that the main function of human body is:  defend, clean and repair.  If our cells age quickly, this function will be severely damaged!   To keep our body healthy,  we must use organic products. The collagen contained in anti aging creams is  chemical.  That  is hydrolyzed collagen.  It is produced artificially in laboratories, but our body can’t adsorb chemical molecules, but only the  natural and organic ones coming from foods and drinks.

Writing style

Even though this is an Asian author, her English writing was easily understandable for me and I think it will be for readers, also.


3,5 stars. I would give four stars,  but the author put references to her e-commerce in every chapter  to lead readers  into buying her natural products and this gave me the idea of a book written only to publicize an e-commerce. However, this can be a good idea for experts  that want to use a similar strategy  to promote their website or e-commerce about health and wellness.

Suitable for translation into Italian?

The book could be suitable for translation into Italian, but there are many e-books about this topic in Italy. However, I suggest that  my readers  read it in order to know more about the  anti-aging lifestyle.

7 Health Myths Demolished by Janice Yap is available on Amazon.



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