Did you know that if you put a glass of water in a room where words of love and peace reign, the water molecules take sinuous and floral shapes, while they take twisted and murky shapes if the room is filled with words of distress, rage and hate?

These are some of the brilliant findings contained in a book written by an Indian scientist. She is Professor Rakhi Roy Halder, a college teacher and author of a trilogy about Quantum Science.

I am really honored to review the most meaningful book of her Quantum World Series, titled Myth Breaker Know How We Create Our Destiny Quantum Science Realities Presented in Story Form.

From the beginning, the book is a fascinating journey to discover the most precious “being” of our world, namely a supernatural entity known as Self. What is Self? Our conscience, the soul?

Through the vivid words and illustrations of a fictional story, the author displays us the answers, replying to the untold truths on the cosmic energy which rules everything, even our thoughts, brain and emotions.

The journey that leads to the discovery of our true Self is split into 14 emotional fairy tales, in turn narrated by the two main characters of the book: an old and a young man.

The latter is a career man who got lost in a wood with his car. He is then assisted and housed in a hut by an elderly gentleman who tells stories to help his occasional guests enjoy a stress free life.

The purpose of the author is, in fact, to connect science and spirituality to make the world better than it actually is. It is from this aim that the book focuses our attention on a few essential and long neglected concepts.

Science and culture are today focused only on what can be touched and proved; other things, such as cosmic energy, and its invisible particles, remain confined in the field of a rigid philosophy, which is believed to be irrelevant to change the world.

But this approach is only an illusion, because it disconnects our inner energy from the Quantum power which the Universe daily irradiates over us.

Indeed, the whole (including humans) is ruled by electrical impulses which move through the matter. These impulses are created by invisible particles called quanta. With this awesome insight, the book drives readers to the charming world of quantum energy.

Energy has never been created and never dies. It is eternal and sentient, such as the one contained in the aforementioned glass of water. Energy perceives our feelings and is able to meet our innermost desires.

Nowadays, because of the devilish manipulations of materialism and capitalism, humans have forgotten this big truth. Self is, hence, the inner energy that connects us with the primordial energy of the Universe.

If we free our Self from the burden of materialism, we can obtain all we need.

However, according to the principles enumerated in the book, education and official science limit the power of mind, pushing people towards an eternal frustration and distress, or rather, to chase the false myths of career, money and success.

Everything is engineered (including digital marketing) to turn us into a merchandise and arouse greed.

Just think that advertising banners have colors inducing greed and false desires.

The true Self, instead, knows our real needs, and if you learn to listen to its ancient wisdom, you can do incredible things, and cooperate for a thriving and peaceful world.

This is the greatest lesson of life in this book. After reading it, you’ll realize that, in addition to a masterful literary work, you also found a passionate healing tool made of extensive knowledge and dazzling energy.

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