This book does not show a fictional reality, but the reality just as it really is. Mystic Love, indeed, is not only the sequel of Myth Breaker, Quantum Science book by Indian professor Rakhi Roy Halder, but a spiritual love story which completes and enriches the scientific explanations of the previous work.

Always written in story form, with dialogues arranged like a screenplay and described through insightful images, Mystic Love narrates the love between an English teacher and a young driver. Not a worldly feeling, but a spiritual union among twin flames, namely: the two halves of a unique soul.

The subtitle of the second book of the Quantum Series is, in fact, What Are True Love And Twin Flame Union?

Mystic Love is simultaneously a gripping and relaxing book which pushes readers to reflect on the fact that cosmic energy and spirituality are perfectly embedded in the concepts of science, rather, they are Science.

It is ever the elderly gentleman, one of the main characters of the Quantum Series trilogy, who explains and unravels notions like the dimensional Universe, the energy that resides in our body, the illusions of social conditioning.

The young boy and the English teacher are respectively married with other persons, but being twin flames means that their souls are an only thing planned by the Universe before their birth. Their end is not a carnal union, but a divine mission.

Even though many concepts are rooted in Indian culture, the scientific theories expressed in the book are universal and applicable to everybody.

Every soul contains feminine and masculine energy, when these energies meet and cooperate among them, humans experience an incredible elevation of their conscience.

Today, are people really aware and open minded? No, unfortunately, because, as the book clearly shows us, social conditioning imposes illusory bonds and false desires.

Often, people get married to the wrong person in order to acquire social status. In this way, they forget the most important relationship with themselves. They also forget their youthful dreams and end up trapped in a monolithic life which gives rise to stress and an excruciating inner pain.

But the plans of the Universe are different, and, above all, they are true. Nothing happens by chance in the cosmic levels of energy.

Readers will discover it gradually, through 145 pages where narration, images and quantic levels brilliantly merge and lead towards a higher level of mindfulness.

It is not a case that the author manages a hub to help us get rid of stress.

In this framework, Mystic Love is the perfect medicine to detox us from the conditioning of our modern age.

It is the dialogue with our Self, backed by the scientific proofs that Dr. Halder poured in her book, which saves us from anxiety and depression, not social media, digital bots or artificial intelligence.

The proof is that an artificial thing is obviously not true. It is instead true that aware men and women can create fulfilled realities, because these strictly depend on the cosmic energy.

The Universe works like a hologram: if you have negative feelings, you’ll obtain a negative reality. If you feed positive thoughts, you’ll have a positive life.

Like Myth Breaker, Mystic Love informs, educates and teaches to undertake a cosmic evolution to transform us from soulless people to soulful persons with a main goal in mind: spreading peace and love through the world.

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