If you are looking for books in Italian, I advise that you read L’amore rubato by Dacia Maraini.
I read this book recently, because as an Italian book lover, I need to read and review books in Italian, sometimes.

L’amore rubato (The Stolen Love in English) is a collection of tales written by the most famous living Italian novelist in the world, namely: Dacia Maraini.
Currently there is no translation into other languages, and not even into English about the book.

Hence, I think that L’amore rubato by Dacia Maraini can be helpful to learn Italian, if you are in an advanced stage of Italian language learning. If you have problems to understand the most complex sentences in Italian, you may always use the automatic translation of Kindle.

About this Italian book and its novelist, I can say that Dacia Maraini is a convinced feminist who fought hard to defend the human rights of women.

In this collection of impressive tales, the Italian author brings in front of our eyes all of the grief and scream of women abused, killed and raped by those who should love them the most: their husbands, friends, and partners, namely: their men!
The book is a hard reading to swallow, where the injustice against helpless women and little girls takes the shape of apparently kind men, that, suddenly, turn into abusers, killers and rapists.

I warn that you’ll remain highly impressed by this Italian book, like me, while I was reading it.
Sometimes, you’ll burst into tears, as I did.
In the Italian book by Dacia Maraini, titled L’amore rubato, there are all of the violence and the aggressiveness and brutality that sometimes men can perpetrate against their women.

There is the wife beaten by the husband, the girl beaten and killed by her boyfriend, the woman raped by an apparently harmless station officer while she is about to reach her husband in Spain and many other similar tales.

But the one which struck and upset me the most is the tale about the stepfather who abused his stepdaughters. The two little girls represent the title of the book, the stolen love is the one that women endure when they are victims of a rapist or a pedophile.
In the tale contained in L’amore rubato, a handsome man marries a poor Sicilian widow only to abuse her loved little girls.

He waits for the wife going to work to approach the first born little girl and, later, her sister.
I cried, when I read the most awful pages of this tale, where the violence of a pedophile is shown in his most disgusting and wicked manipulation.
“ You are my true love, I married your mother only for you…”
“Keep our tender secret, my loved daughter…” and while he puts his hand on the mouth of the little girl, whispers the following cruel words: “ Don’t tell what happened between us, otherwise I’ll kill your mommy…”.

After reading this tale and the other ones, I felt discouraged about the fate of women and a feeling of distress seeped into my heart.
How is it possible that the world gives birth to similar men?
There will ever be a better future for women, little girls will ever protected by male monsters?

A great novelist is always capable to raise questions to readers. L’amore rubato by Dacia Maraini did just this and over. That is a message, a strong message, to raise our attention against the dangers that jeopardize the life of women. It is a warning to never lower the guard and immediately detect the first signs of danger.
L’amore rubato by Dacia Maraini is a great Italian book, even with its dismaying cruelty,  but this is the mission of an author: telling the truth about evil to prevent it from happening again.

Title of the book: L’amore rubato

Author: Dacia Maraini

Pages: 202

Language: Italian

Publisher: BUR

Available on: Amazon

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