Review of Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis

July 23, 2018

invisible-coverInvisible by James Patterson and David Ellis is a novel with the same style of the Tv series called Criminal Minds.

That is a mystery thriller that I read with no real interest at first. The mystery is not my favourite genre, but as soon as I read and browsed the first page, I have been forced to change my mind. Here is why you should read my review about Invisible .

Let’s start from the plot.

Invisible is set in the US, where an arsonist sets, strange fires arranged as if they were blasted by chance. The fires made many victims. Among them, there is also Marta, the Twin sister of FBI analyst Emmy Dockery. She is obsessed with finding the killer who burned the sister, but everybody thinks she is crazy, excluding her ex-boyfriend, field agent Harrison Bookman, named Books. He believes that there is a connection among murders, rapes and fires spread everywhere in the Country. He is right. There is a dangerous serial killer in the US. He is Winston Graham, an unmarried, lonely man with no woman, friends and children, living in a secluded farm, far away from the city.

He chats with a woman, Mary Laney, a former alcohol addicted he met at the local pub where she works. They fell in love during the recorded sessions of their chats. The killer seems very normal and balanced when he talks to her ,  he promised to change his lifestyle and reveals to her to be a serial killer. He tells about his cruel crimes. Obviously, Mary thinks that is only a joke. As a matter of fact, Winston Graham is a true and wicked serial killer.

He kidnaps women he spotted trough their Facebook profile, he beats and rapes them. Then,  he scalps their bones and tissues and sets the fire in the room where they are, in order they can burn and suffer the most. This stage of the plot has been very impressive for me and for this reason I thought of reading a horror tale. However, while I continued reading the subsequent chapters, I have had to change my mind. This is not a copy and paste of the episodes of Criminal Minds, it is much more. It is an excellent and well written thriller story, filled with surprising, awesome and unexpected twists, where the personages and their identity are developed step by step without a moment to breath.

The pace is unstoppable, the emotions, as well. The two authors, the bests seller novelist James Patterson and lawyer David Ellis created a great literary masterpiece, written in a perfect English. Furthermore, the work is well edited, I didn’t find even a typing mistake. Sentences are sharp and piercing, they struck soul and mind and are a real joy for book lovers (like me). Invisible is a traditionally published novel and for the first time in my life I must admit that the quality of books published by a traditional publisher is very high.

If you are a self published author, you should read the Invisible novel.

I have never enjoyed a similar reading so far. I am Italian and only in Italian I find and read short, biting and poetic sentences. Instead, I found the same glamour of the Italian language in the English edition of the novel by James Patterson, such as the words of Emmy:” I don’t want to catch him, I want to kill him!”. Awesome also the descriptions of the landscapes of the story, the darkness of the night in Pensylvania and the rustle of leaves falling onto the ground…

And again, the way of self depiction of the serial killer in the recording sessions read by the policemen. The underlying and shocking meaning who pushes readers to start a severe introspection inside themselves:” You believe to be normal, but none is normal. You wear only a mask. I am true, I am myself, I kill!”. My dear friends, readers and authors, that is great literature. Maybe the book has been edited thousands of times, but it is really perfect. This is the proof that a traditional publisher can do much along with the talent of a great novelist like James Patterson. For this reason, in this review, my rating is, absolutely and undoubtedly , five stars!

Title: Invisible

Author: James Patterson – David Ellis

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Pages: 399



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