Review Hellen Back The Attic Vicki Zell

September 21, 2017

hellenback-theattic-coverThis is the best psychological thriller I ever read in my life. Well written, well engineered and with a very gripping plot. I am discussing about the book titled Hellen Back The Attic by Vicki Zell. I have already talked about this book in a book description accompanied by the excerpt, but only when I read it, I really appreciated the high literary value of this novel. Yes, this book is worth to be read one time, at least, and many times, also. The story is about a girl and her bad relationship with her mother.

The girl is Jennifer Luck, who, in spite of her surname, is really unlucky. The mother is Merilee, a sweet name over a malevolent, bossy and cruel mother. She has kept her own daughter trapped in the attic of their home for eighteen years, with the excuse to punish her every time the girl didn’t respect the rules. When Jennifer decides to go to Kale University, Merilee approves her decision and Jennifer believes to gain a real breath of fresh air in her life, but, unfortunately she is wrong.

Her mother behaves as a monster, of course, because it is not natural despising a daughter, but the teachers, the dean and counsellors at the university, are worse. In a murky and gloomy landscape, the author unravels the plot of a compelling psychological thriller that also takes the nuances of an awesome modern mystery. The college and its dark basement with a locked closet, the same that Jennifer’s mother has in the attic at home, create a mysterious link among the college and the home of this girl. What they have in common?

Monsters, surely, human monsters who resemble human beings, where rules are only a mask to hide fakery and abuse against students who dare discover the awful secrets of the basement of the school. I really hope Italian publishers translate this novel into Italian. It is a must-read book and my rating is, obviously, five stars.

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