Review of Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster

January 8, 2018

esme's wish coverThis is not the usual magic tale for teens, but a very interesting novel, which deepens the affective relationships between parents and their children. Through a fantasy story, the novel pushes readers to wonder what they would do if their mother had suddenly disappeared during a sea trip. Why yes, this is the plot of a novel focused on the disappearing of a mother, Ariane, and the troubles of her little daughter Esme. In the book, Esme is a fifteen year old girl who is witnessing the new wedding between her father Aaron and her new stepmother Penelope.

Unfortunately, Esme has been unable to overcome her mother’s disappearing, maybe drowned at sea seven years ago. That is why the girl begins to have strange dreams and nightmares .

I enjoyed the description of these dreams very much, because they proved the great talent of this Australian author. Only one like Elizabeth Foster could write wonderful descriptions about other and strange underwater worlds, the same world where Esme lands as he searches for the truth about the disappearing of her loved mother.

One day, while Esme is swimming in the same fabulous waters where in the past she went along with her grandmother, she ends up in the mysterious city of Esperance. This is the capital of Aeolia, an archipelago inhabited by flying dragons, magic and colorful butterflies, weird fishes and ominous creatures called “Stygians”.

From this stage, the novel takes the nuances of a compelling mystery story, because the early death of Ariane, the mother of Esme,  could be linked to these creepy creatures, made of rotting flesh and poisoned bites capable to turn those who were bitten into monsters! The greatest wish of Esme is just the one to discover the truth about the loss of her mother.

I really appreciated this novel because it has been enriched with awesome hints of horror and mystery.

Furthermore, the descriptions about the magical sea world of Aeolia are very outstanding and reveal the great passion of the author about the topics linked to sea world.

I must also admit I never read a fantasy novel filled with horror and mystery hints. Even though, it is apparently a fantasy tale such as Alice in the Wonderland, plot and characters are worthy  of a great mystery book.  From a side, there is Esme, a little girl who endured the early death of her mother, lost at sea  some years ago.  From another side, there is a hidden truth, an awful secret that surrounds the disappearing of Esme’s mother. Has she really died? Has she really drowned during a sea trip?

These are the typical questions of a mystery novel and this is not only a fantasy magic tale for teens, but a great mystery novel for everybody.  I will never forget this novel, its gripping twists and its wonderful descriptions about strange sea worlds inhabited by strange creatures, extinct monsters and flying dragons.  But, above all, I will never  forget  a book  surrounded by  the most important love, the one between a mother and her daughter.

Book Title: Esme’s Wish

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Elizabeth Foster

Publisher: Odyssey Books

Pages: 300

Rating: five stars

Price Kindle edition: $ 4.28

Price paperback: $ 17.95

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