review collected bible studies for christians like you This is not the usual religion book based on the usual and unintelligible Bible studies, but a real study about the real nature of God and the real purpose of our life. This mesmerizing and enthralling book is titled Collected Bible Studies For Christians Like You and has been written by UK author Dr. Derek P. Blake, a member the Christians Like Me Community. The Bible studies reported by the author resulted from an idea of Pastor Rolf Anderson, who also is the administrator of the website of the above mentioned community.

Well, what you would think if I said to you that what you heard during other Christian lesson is incorrect? Through this plain and respectful explanation of Bible verses (both of the Old and New Testament), the author retraces the most meaningful and comprehensive stages of our religious education to bring us to discover forgotten truths and a new light in our life. He starts just from the Creation. From this beginning, the book shows how God really is : a powerful energy that has been existing since always over the rules of time and space. Everybody thinks of God as a dissolving and a supernatural creature that is written only in the Bible, namely as a fictional character in a fiction book.

However, as a powerful form of eternal energy, God is just revealed in the Bible. When you read that God is light and He said during the creation: be the light and the light was! This light is energy. God is also a spirit, hence energy and spirit are the same thing! Wonderful discovery, don’t you? If you begin thinking of God as a real entity that created the entire Universe and you, also, you’ll begin thinking of God as a real person in your life. This is the same sensation I had when I read the chapter dedicated to the Creation. As the most powerful energy out of the Universe, God was also able to create us. Energy always creates and never destroys.

This concept is closely linked to the eternal life. Every human being is a part of the creation process and our soul is just the piece of energy God provided us to live. Hence, He is in us! When we die, our soul, namely the energy of the Spirit of God, comes back to the primordial energy, but beware: only if we conducted a godly life and repented from our flaws, because God is out of the law on physics he created by himself. Indeed, He is antimatter and the rules of the physics are totally reversed. That is why the son of God, Jesus in the Gospel says: My thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your ways! If we are pure, when we die, our soul will join back to God, if we are impure, our soul will be rejected, this is the so called second death in the revelation book of the Bible!

For God, opposite poles are rejected, while only the same poles attract. Since we are trapped in a material body, we always risk to fall into temptation and sin, to avoid our ruin, God sent his Son on the Earth. As a powerful form of energy, He also incarnated as a human being! What an extraordinary revelation this book, able to bring God to our daily life as a real loving and caring being. I suggest that you read the book entirely, up to the final pages, because they highlight many of the moral issues of our time and teach us to handle them for our wellness and salvation. Indeed, the author faces relationships and marriage, friendship, homosexuality, anxiety and depression, the consequences of sin, the intercession prayer and final salvation.

All of the explanations are drawn from the verses of the Bible. According to the book, anxiety and depression are the weapons of the devil to bring us away from God. Adultery and divorce are immoral because they are the most evident proof of missing respect between husband and wife. From this concept, the author also develops the following ones, namely love, mercy, repentance and charity. He wrote: “When you respect others, you also love and help them. If you respect God, because He created you, you love him and follow his rules”. Impressive and shocking also the explanations about homosexuality and the power of prayer.

I want to begin with the latter: prayer is a powerful healing tool. Thank to it, you can intercede for your ones and yourself, but to make it work, you must repent and confess your sins, first. This way, if your soul is cleaned (remember the concept of energy), it enters into a full connection with God and He can listen to your prayers.

About homosexuality, the author always quotes the Bible. According to Scripture, this kind of sexuality is considered an abomination, because God created man and woman. See Leviticus 18-22: ‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable. “’Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile”. He does not condemn the sinners, but the sin. Instead, I rated this work with five stars and invite Italian publishers to translate it into Italian. Furthermore, this is the most suitable book review I could write to wish you Merry Christmas.

Title of the book: Collected Bible Studies For Christians Like You

Author: Derek P. Blake

Pages: 245

Publisher: New Creation Media

Price Kindle Edition: $ 3.52

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