Results of paid book promotion in Italy and Europe

October 24, 2017

book-marketing-abroadI published this post to discuss about the results of my book promotion services. I had already announced this on Facebook.  Along these years,  I have worked hard to promote authors internationally, abroad, especially foreign authors in Italy and Europe. Many authors submitted their books for review, press releases and so on. I avoided to publish the names of those who paid for my book marketing services , because you can see these authors by yourself, browsing the categories of this website, above all book reviews, books added to an Italian library  and press releases. I know that you hate to pay for promotion, because you tied this payment to the number of sales you can get after promoting your book. I want to say that if you think to promote your new book to get sales tomorrow, you are wrong! Before selling, you must be known, also abroad.

Above all, in these years, due to the massive presence of the Social networks that are smashing anything and reducing organic visibility of people, books and companies, get exposure on book sites, also in a European and Italian site, is a must do! Only if you spread the word about your book, everywhere, you can gain sales. Famous authors sell their books because people know them. Just think that a couple of days ago I was invited for dinner by a couple of friends and they had just bought a novel by Stephen King. I asked them because they bought this novel and they replied they bought the book because Stephen King is very famous. And so, they didn’t buy the novel because it was a good novel, but because it was written by Stephen King.

From my side, I am trying to make new authors known abroad and this is a value. I had better talk about books by Stephen King because he is so famous that readers would buy his books anyway and everywhere, but I don’t believe that literature is made of the only books by famous novelists. Sometimes, talent can be also in new authors, provided that they wrote good books. Is it enough to get reviews only on this Italian book site? No, it isn’t, you must get more reviews and more press releases on other places, also. Only when your name will be known everywhere, you’ll sell many books like Stephen King.

Statistics-bookreviewWith affordable rates, I managed to offer great exposure to my authors, such as many visits and comments from readers on this book review, ( see the image above, book written by author Toby Oliver who gained the same exposure of Edgar Allan Poe) comments from readers on this book description and global exposure for a press release about this book.

Furthermore,  book covers of the books I promoted have been pinned on Pinterest, by European readers,  please see these links:,  ( cover of Eco Tours, ebook written by Deborah Regen) and ( cover of The Attic, mystery book written by Vicki Zell).

In short, I am making great efforts to promote authors and don’t deserve the attacks on Facebook because I ask a fee. With an affordable rate I offer multiple reviews on several book sites, in order to help you to gain exposure out of this site, also. Do you know, how much publishers invested to promote books, in the past? One million of dollars! Yes, this is the sad truth. Millions of dollars, to create stars of literature. I was attacked because I asked for 30 or 50 euros to spread the word about books on my Italian social profile and persuade readers to buy new books.

Readers buy the books I promote. I always add the Amazon links in my advertised articles on books. But often readers buy out of this website. Instead to attack, try to be smart as this author who republished the reviews on his novel (including my book review in Italian) on his official website as a press list. Being here, on an Italian book promotion site is a value, is a strategy. Many unknown books I promoted are now searched by readers on the search engines such as the books by famous novelists. Not only, absolutely for free, I am offering a native advertising strategy, to show your books in the related posts of this website. When you order one of my book promotion services, the articles about your book will be showed in the related posts forever. The best books I read over the year, are also submitted to the AdvicesBooks Prize ( another occasion to get international exposure).

I also launched a public relation service to sell books in Italy. A bit more expensive than a press release, but it is normal, for public relations I must do an entire week to persuade readers into buying your book. Hence, book promotion is to gain exposure, public relation to sell copies of your book in Italy. Furthermore, my paid book reviews are always honest and one of my readers noticed this. Hence it is very helpful, promote books abroad, in Italy and Europe, if you use it in your strategy to show yourself as a professional author. Moreover, I do paid book reviews and promotion for famous novelists, also. For me, all authors are equal. There is no difference among them. If I should read books and write reviews for free, I would work from morning to night. Furthermore, my paid services are only to support this website and not to earn money and richness from literature. Now that you know the heavy burden I carry on my shoulders to promote books internationally, stop demanding free services, as if you had any rights for your book. Great novelists have been humble before gaining fame and success.

Please follow the example of the famous novelists and stop spamming this website with messages, book descriptions and requests for free book translations, free press releases and free book reviews. Only the brave gets success. Are you a brave indie writer? Are you a publisher of yourself? Well, invest in yourself, especially abroad. If you demand free book promotion services, you are not a professional self-publisher, but one who writes books for leisure. This Italian book site is only for professional authors, novelists, self-published and traditionally published authors, book publicists, publishers and, above all, book readers who love discovering new books.

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  • Bill October 25, 2017 at 02:51

    thank you

    • Rosalba Mancuso October 25, 2017 at 18:33

      Thanks for your further comment, Bill.

  • Bill October 25, 2017 at 02:49

    I have no idea why people would be upset because of a nominal fee… Everyone wants to (and should) be paid for a service . The old axiom ” Time is money” has and does apply in endeavors such as yours. And I for one, thank you.

    • Rosalba Mancuso October 25, 2017 at 18:33

      Thanks Bill for your kind comment and support. Unfortunately, people are not only upset, but also stubborn in refusing any kinds of paid services. I also thank those who paid for my book promotion services, but if other people refuse paid services, I don’t know how to run this website in the future. Yes, time is money, also the one spent to run an Italian book promotion site. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for understanding my job.

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