Proven method to sell books in Italy

August 7, 2017

proven method to sell books in italyAs announced earlier, today I want to reveal a proven method to really sell books, especially your book in Italy. You can use this method to sell your novel abroad, also. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this way is helpful to sell your book in your own country and not even online or on the Social networks. When I revealed this shocking truth on Facebook, a couple of months, ago, anonymous people and unknown authors, who are always busy to post messages about their books on the Social networks, attacked and offended me heavily. Now, I don’t want to argue that the social promotion is a bad method to promote books, but it is a not proven method to really sell copies of your book. Why? You can’t sell your book on the social because you are an unknown author, while the books which generate high sales are the ones written by famous authors, such as Ken Follett , John Grisham, Stephen King. Strangely, they became very famous a lot of time before the arrival of the Internet and the Social networks. This is the first evidence of the pointlessness of book promotion on the social networks. If you hope to get success and glory by doing like this, you are wrong! Readers look for famous books written by famous authors. The fame they have on this channel is only a consequence of a fame they have gained out of Internet! However, since my mission is to help unknown and self-published authors to become known, years ago I decided to found this Italian book promotion site. Hence, you don’t’ have to think this is a pointless book promotion site, because to sell books, you need to get known, at least. This is the first step to start selling books. The process, unfortunately, is very slow, but it is also fundamental and necessary. If you are regarded as a common author who posts literary messages on the social networks such as many other unknown authors, mentions on literary websites and book promotion sites give you the title of a professional author. To sell books in Italy, you must be credible as an author. Well, this is only a short premise to bring you to the hot point of this blog post, namely the proven method to really sell books in Italy and become a famous author, at last!


Don’t be eager to immediately know the reply, wait for my explanation, first.
If you can’t sell books in your country because you are not known (and you’ll be like this, also posting your book on the social networks because famous authors do the same thing, but they sell because they are already famous), you’ll never have this problem abroad, in Italy, especially, because in Italy you will be regarded as a foreign author who offers his/her book to an Italian audience. All this inspires curiosity and sales can be easier. Hence, why you didn’t sell copies of your book in Italy so far, also with book promotion services?
The reason is always the same: readers, Italian readers or foreign readers are not on the Internet, anymore. They are outside, in the literary circles, book clubs, not even on Goodreads, nowadays inhabited by authors who beg for reviews by book exchange, but if the book is reviewed by another author in return of your free review about his book, how can you think to sell even just a small copy of your book? Books must be sold to readers and readers are in the places I said to you. If you try to contact bookstores in your country, it is probable that they don’t pay you the proper attention because they want to sell books written by famous authors, only. You could try to sell books to many bookstores, by getting traditionally published. Unfortunately, this is the second critical point in your literary career because traditional publishers are going into bankruptcy all over the world. They never reply to book submissions, indeed I removed the service to submit books to Italian publishers. I got information about this and recently I learned that they release only authors who can guarantee 50 thousand copies sold, at least. I consider this behaviour a real shame and I am very disappointed and disgusted by the book publishing market, by now. I submitted books to Italian publishers, but I received only a few “sorry” messages and nothing anymore. Hence, the only proven method to really sell copies of your book, besides traditional publishers, besides the social networks, is to reach and contact readers really interested in the topic of your book. To do this, you must contact them in the places where they really are, libraries, bookstores, literary clubs, book fairs. I also submitted foreign books to an Italian library, but the books are given for rent and I realized that if you want to really sell your book, you must give copies for sale and not for rent, anymore. To use this proven method to really sell copies of your book in Italy, forget rent and giveaways or book exchange in return for a free review. You must think as a professional author, if you really want to gain literary success from your writing.


To contact readers in Italy, you must detect and find the ones can could be potentially interested in your book. If you wrote an historical novel, for example, you can contact historical Italian libraries and try to sell copies to them. Your historical novel should be set in Italy, for example, this detail inspires interest in Italian readers and the owners of the library will be very happy to buy copies of a book written by a foreign author who wrote about a topic they love. This trick can be used for any kind of literary genre. Did you write a poetry book? Well, the book must be set in Italy and you must contact Italian poetry associations. Don’t feel dejected if the first contacts seem to not be interested, you must contact Italian clubs, bookstores, literary associations, Italian libraries and Italian book fairs for an entire week, at least. This proven method can be more effective if you have the Italian edition of your book. Book translation is very expensive, you can try to get your book translated into Italian for free on Babelcube, but since I don’t rely on free book translations, you should proofread the translated edition of your book. Moreover, I recently knew that on Babelcube translators are charging to translate books into Italian. If you can’t afford to translate your book into Italian, you must contact only Italian readers who are really interested in learning English and in reading books in English. A library that could be interested in books in English is BEIC, namely the European library of Information and Culture. Don’t stop until you don’t sell the first 10, 20 copies of your book in Italy, at least! As soon as the copies of your books start circulating in Italy, you will be ready to do the quality jump to be an international author who sells books in Italy, the home of world literature. Remember, sell books only to those who are interested in what you write and success surely will arrive. Mine is a proven method, because if you follow these rules, you’ll really sell your book. If you got, also book reviews, or press releases in Italian or English on this book promotion site, the process to sell your book in the places, where Italian readers are, will be much easier, because Italian book sellers and Italian book clubs you contacted will read the link with information in the Italian language about your book and will become interested in buying it! Only the Internet and the social networks don’t let you sell books easily, they only created a big illusion, I consider them, the big scam of literature! Just to promote book sales, Italian government launched a reading campaign called “io leggo” (I read), to invite Italian readers in buying and reading books. The campaign, showed as a Tv message, says that books are as good companions, books make us happy and feed our soul, you must only take advantage of this favourable moment in Italy and remember to contact only the places where you can find only readers interested in buying and reading your book.

Apply this proven method to any literary genre you wrote and let me know with a comment, if this worked for you.

If you want to enjoy my public relation service to reach the Italian readers interested in buying copies of your book, contact me.


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