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December 11, 2017

paid-book-review-servicesAre you looking for paid book review services about your books? Well, you are in the right place. On this Italian website, you can find comprehensive and affordable book review services to spread the word about any literary genres you wrote (excluding erotica, please). The book review services you’ll find here are bilingual, in Italian and English and are, especially, useful to those authors who want to break into an international market. As an Italian admin of this website, indeed, I live in Italy, while the web server is located in Germany.

As you know, Italy and Europe are the homes of global literature and get reviews on international website is very useful to gain international credibility and attention, even in Italy and Europe. Hence, if you want to get this kind of credibility and attention, select your favourite book review services here and start your next move to make your book known internationally. I am sure you found many paid book reviews services in your Country, many of them are very expensive and can also have a price of over 350 dollars.

On this website, you’ll get book reviews at not over 50 euros and starting from a price of 15 euros, only. As you can see, this is an affordable rate for an international book review service. I know it is hard nowadays market and promote books, for this reason I decided to offer the lowest rates for my paid book reviews. Beware: paid, but always honest and unbiased. The fee you’ll pay to get your book reviewed by me is only a fee for reading your book and to buy it on Amazon Kindle store if you spend a minimun of 45 euros.

For the remaining matter, I’ll read your work and I’ll tell about my honest, personal and unbiased opinion. Moreover, every year,  in the early weeks of January, the best book s I reviewed will be awarded with a literary Prize, another poweful way to increase your reputation as an international author.   I always worked like this. Well, I believe that now it is time to explain how to submit your book for my paid book review services.
To order my book review services, you must go to this page.
On that page, you’ll find several kinds of paid book review services at very different rates, namely:

  1. Short review in English to be published on an English book site € 15.00
  2. Short review in Italian to be published on an Italian book site € 15.00
  3. Three short reviews in English to be published on three literary websites € 30
  4. Three short reviews in Italian to be published on three literary websites € 30
  5. Four short reviews in English to be published on four literary websites € 40
  6. Four short reviews in Italian to be published on four literary websites € 40
  7. Book review in English € 50
  8. Book review in Italian € 50
  9. Bilingual review Italian-English € 50

These services can be ordered by indie writersbook publishers and book publicists.

The short reviews In English or Italian) have a length of 150 words and are published on other literary websites. These are particularly helpful if you are in need to get your first reviews on your book.
The book review services flagged as a book review in English or Italian 50€ are editorial reviews published as soon as you have your book released. They have a length from 300 to 700 words and are very different from the ones published by readers because written with an informative and professional tone of voice by editors, literary critics and journalists (I am an Italian journalist). They provide exposure and credibility to you and your book. My editorial reviews are published on this literary website, which is also followed by an Italian and European audience, even by Ken Follett.

In these reviews, I also indicate if your book is suitable to be translated into Italian and invite Italian publishers to get a look at it in order to evaluate a translation into Italian. My paid book review services in Italian can be ordered by authors who released the Italian edition of their book. The ones in English can be ordered by authors who released the English edition of their book. A bilingual book review in Italian and English can be ordered by everyone because I noticed it inspires curiosity and attention on the Internet and all this can provide further exposure to your book.

As you can see, all of these services are fairly affordable and helpful for several purposes. The main one always is to gain international exposure and credibility. I disagree with those who make terrorism against paid book reviews, as if they were the devil. I would like you to learn using paid book reviews as a powerful weapon to build your online and international credibility and get backlinks to your official website and your author’s page. If you aim to make your book known online and abroad, international paid book reviews are an unmissable strategy. Book stores are closing and readers search for book information on the Internet, by now. I always share (for free) my book reviews on the social media profiles of this website.

Many books I reviewed have also been shared by my readers on Pinterest and commented on Facebook. If you get all this, you’ll improve your credibility. If you get book reviews abroad, you’ll increase your international credibility. Also search engines will keep this into account and will raise the page rank of your official website (if you add the links of all the book reviews you gained). Paid book reviews are the first step to build a writing career. Also the most famous authors built their career like this. Just think that Marcel Proust, the famous French writer, paid literary magazines to review and highlight his works. From here, he started gaining a long chain of book reviews from other magazines and readers, which led him to sell many books during his long literary career.

A couple of book reviews don’t serve to sell books overnight, but to build credibility and exposure. Proust got it and he succeeded. Believe in yourself and don’t feed your literary career with doubts and fear. Remember, the best accomplishments start with the decision to try. And so, what you are waiting? Order my paid book review services here and show your book in Italy and Europe, also!


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