Nobel Prize Literature 2014 to French Author Patrick Modiano

October 9, 2014

There was a period in the history of mankind that everyone would forget. This period lasted from 1939 and 1945, when our planet went through not only the second world war, but also the most shocking, dreadful, horrible and murky season called Nazism. Many books have been written against the mad ideology of Adolf Hitler, a crazy statesman who a day decided to kill millions of Jews for absurd racial reasons. Because of the tragic effects of this madness, this period of persecution was called “The Holocaust”.

Last night, a Jewish writer won the Nobel Prize in Literature 2014. The prize has been decided overnight by the Swedish Academy that every year awards the best people in many fields. We are very happy for this award to Patrick Modiano ( image from He was born in July 1945, in France, just after two months the end of war. The Modiano’s father was an Italian Jewish who, during the years of war, collaborated with the Nazis and worked at the black market. The latter met Patrick Modiano’s mother, in France, just during the Nazi occupation in this Country. The woman was a poor skills actress who neglected the care of her children, Patrick and Rudy.

The rewarded author Patrick Modiano blamed his parents to have handled badly that painful period and this sensitivity has perhaps helped him to increase his talent. The books of Patrick Modiano cover the events of deportation and occupation by German Army with the style of who knows well what he is telling about. Inside the Modiano books there is all the intensity of the men who lived the Nazism tragedy. Pain and distress, desperation and emotions that induce to tears are very palpable by reading the pages of Patrick Modiano.

The Nobel Prize to this great novelist of our time is more than deserved: it is right and shows a great respect and gratitude towards those people who died during deportation in concentration camps. Modiano’s writing is also capable to mix the real life with the invented stories. This way of writing makes more evocative and touching the tales of the book.

The books by Patrick Modiano are written in French and translated into Italian and English. We have chosen for you only those written in English. These are:  Missing Person, Out of the Dark, and Suspended Sentences. We advise you to read them not only to know more about the Holocaust, but also because it can always be useful to learn from other excellent and rewarded authors like Patrick Modiano. You may buy the Modiano books by clicking the following widgets:

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