New book releases to read for Christmas

October 15, 2018

new book releasesDear readers, here is the page dedicated to new book releases.

In this page, updated frequently,

Advicesbooks shows the best books about any literary genres.

This month, the best books to read for Christmas .




The Hedgehog’s Full Moon Party

by author  Richard Mayers and illustrator Abigail de Montfort.

A strong alliance between  engaging narrative and vibrating drawings which will allow  children aged 3-6 years, to explore the wonders of night-time and the mystery of hedgehogs.  All this, through a charming picture book.

And then, compelling novels,  children’s books,  the private writings by mother Teresa of Calcutta, a memoir by Justin Timberlake  and much more.

Buy them now. Choose your favorite book!


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