It has been said everything, about the unforgettable Princess Diana. She was known like the sad princess, too. Many people remember her like a woman who suffered very much in her short life, but also as a fantastic woman who was able to give very much to her people and other populations in the world. Her life was marked by a tormented relationship with prince Charles of England.


After a fabulous ceremony on July 29, 1981, the marriage between Charles and Lady Diana Spencer came to end on December 9, 1992, while their divorce became effective only in 1996. During the years of real marriage Lady D suffered of depression and bulimia.

Many books in that years revealed scandals and secret love stories of Lady D. Several books are considered only trash o business tools that make not justice a one of the most important women in the world. In 1995 Princess Diana met Dody Al Fayed, but just when her life was becoming better, a tragic car accident broke the love between Diana and Dodi.

Since then, Dodi’s father has been speaking about a conspiration who would have caused the Diana and Dodi death. Reports and investigations have denied this hypothesis and today a lot of readers want only to remember the life of princess Diana.

Last weeks two new books have been published about Lady D: Remembering Diana: Cultural Memory and the Reinvention of Authority (Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies)
–  Diana Her Transformation
. The first work is written by Jeleniewski Seidler and speaks about the public outpourings of grief at the death of Princess Diana. The second book is written by Stephen Twigg, the body-mind therapist, who saw the transformation of Diana from unhappy young woman to powerful figure on the world stage.

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