Manifesta, young women, feminism and the future by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards

March 15, 2013

Is Feminism dead? This interrogative phrase is often used in a book I read recently. It is titled Manifesta [10th Anniversary Edition]: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future.
This book has been published ten year ago and today it is in the 10th edition. This anniversary is celebrated by the two authors : Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, American women like others, who have said what they think about feminism.


Are the Manifesta authors feminist? Maybe they are, but the one it is important is that they are women who speak out on all issues related to history of feminism and women.

I am still reading the book, and I am arrived up to the first 100 pages, but I decided to review it now, because I consider it very useful to understand the history and role of women in society. Between males and females there has always been dominance over the other . Women have often been obliged to bear male supremacy and violence and abuses.

This bad tradition continues also today in some fields,  such as,  for example, housework , family managing, children education and professional life. In this last sector, wage gap is very evident and clear.

It is sufficient to think magazines and journals as a whole, where female writers are paid less than male colleagues. Discrimination and prejudice continue even today, but just women can change their life, by learning to do free choices and linked to their real desires and aspirations.

I learned many things by reading “Manifesta”, like, for example, that vaginal orgasm does not exist because probably it is only clitoral and in this way female masturbation becomes a sexual right for women as it is for men.

However I disagree with a thought of this book: abortion. I am a woman, at the moment I have no children because I avoided to have them, I believe that life is worth more than anything.

If a woman doesn’t desire a child can use adequate contraception, but I think that to abort is like kill an human being, but, in any case, I respect freedom of all women and advise to read “Manifesta”. Readers, by this book, can learn many things about the life of women and on justice and equality without sexual or racial discrimination.

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