ereditaleggendallibreriaitalianaDear readers, authors, literary journals and magazines. With this news, I am glad to inform you that last Friday, I added another book to an Italian Library. The book is the Italian edition of The Legacy of a Legend, namely L’eredità di Una Leggenda, by Lory La Selva Paduano. To read the press release and the review in Italian, see the following links. The library to which the book has been added is the municipal library of Grammichele, Sicily. I added the print copy of the book and the local librarians were very happy to receive a new book translated into Italian.

I also added books in English to help readers improve their English skills, but obviously, readers also love books in their native language. The librarians also appreciated the book cover, above all one of the guys, who said: “Wow, what a wonderful book cover, the woman depicted in this book is really beautiful!” I explained them that the cover represents the main character of the book, namely Arria, the legendary daughter of Spartacus, a former slave imprisoned by the Romans and forced to fight as a gladiator. Spartacus is the emblem of a freedom dream, which, unfortunately, ended with a riot defeated by the same Romans.

With a gripping plot, Lory La Selva Paduano tells about the history of a young and beautiful woman who decides to follow the same fate of his father: leave her family in the South of Italy, along with a small army of the former friends of Spartacus, and arrive in Rome to discover the real identity of her twin sister Claudia, who was kidnapped during the riot headed by her legendary father. Love, pride and fight have been intertwined in a compelling historical novel that the author also wanted to donate to Italian readers thanks to the Italian edition of the book.

It is just this Italian edition I added to the Italian library. The preamble has been very good. Now, the librarians are cataloguing the book so that the readers who attend the library can rent and read it. Page after page, the Italian readers will discover an historical romance where the main ingredient is passion seasoned with a strong and detailed historical background. The book was added to the bookshelf for adult readers because the work contains some very hot sex descriptions. I believe that very soon L’eredità di una leggenda will become a must read among the readers of the Italian library. I invite literary blogs and magazines to republish this press release about L’eredità di una leggenda added to an Italian library. At last, I suggest that Italian and English readers buy the book online, also. Good reading.

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