Interview with Jesus Christ

March 21, 2016

jesus-imaginaryinterviewDear readers, on the occasion of Easter time, I decided to conduct an imaginary interview with the author of the most world famous book, namely the Bible, or rather the Gospel, one of the books forming the New testament. Even if this author did not write the book by himself, he suggested the words who other authors wrote instead of him. I am speaking about Jesus Christ, the son of God who just 2000 years ago founded the Christian religion and changed the rules of the world forever. But now, I immediately want to go to the interview. At the end, you’ll find the link to buy or download the Gospel for free!


Rosalba: My Lord, thank you for accepting to be interviewed. In this interview, I don’t want to discuss about your book only, but I would like to delve into the most burning issues of our time. Do you agree?

Jesus: Yes, I agree deeply…

Rosalba: during your earthly life, You have preached about peace, love, brotherhood, charity and equality. Why people don’t follow your wonderful values?

Jesus: people are freely created because my father wanted so. He is love and when you love,  none can be forced to do what you want.

Rosalba: hence, evil is the price of love?

Jesus: often evil also destroys those who commit it, but many times, repentance happens just after evil.

Rosalba: in short words, you allow evil so that good arrives from it?

Jesus: there are also many secrets people can’t know and discover, because they belong to my father only.

Rosalba: Although they know about your love and peace you can give them, today many people suffer from anxiety and depression. Why?

Jesus: to tell the truth, they know only superficially, but never understand who I am, really. Worse, they unknow themselves and their true soul. When people seek for their exclusive comfort, when they aim to reach only selfish achievements, depression and anxiety can’t be avoided. Depression is because people are alone with themselves and when you are alone, you can’t grow up.

Rosalba: but today there are many people who are getting crazy. For many reasons, they commit suicide or homicide like serial killers. Can there be a supernatural explanation?

Jesus: Maybe there were more supernatural explanations during my time than today. In your current epoch, people took the place of God, they believe to be God! But unfortunately, they are not God and can do nothing without Me, my Father and the Holy Spirit. Here is because, after fighting needlessly, they get depressed or go crazy.

Rosalba: What you have just said it is worth for the terrorism of for other brutal crimes, also?

Jesus: Yes. Good is impossible without me. Without me, humanity will always be enslaved by sin. Come to me, instead, like my first disciples and like them, you’ll find peace, love and richness.

Rosalba: Richness? People search only for the one that concerns money.

Jesus: Many believe that following me, they will lose their money, but they don’t know they have already lost their soul.

Rosalba: Economic crisis, unemployment, temporary and freelance jobs are involving millions of people around the world. What do you think about? Is it right to live with no jobs and no opportunities?

Jesus: When I see people suffering from poverty, misery, unemployment, slavery, exploitation, I feel my heart pierced like happened for my crucifixion. But they must know I am always together with them and with their sorrow. They must also believe that if they really trust me, their lives can be completely overturned. I am very sorry people don’t believe in this. They hear about miracles and think they are magical things. But I said: if you had faith like a grain of sand, you could say to mountains to move apart and they would move! Instead, many writers and authors (you work in this field) release books about the law of attraction, when I am the real law of attraction. The positive thought is faith in me, believe that your life can be better, believe in me and you’ll also find a new job, a new life and the peace you want!

Rosalba: today, gay couples want to get married and have children, also. What do you think about?

Jesus: The truth is in my Gospel, the truth is in the Bible. Follow this truth and discover the right life path! Mine are words of love, mine is a word of forgiveness and mercy.

Rosalba: And what about Pope Francis?

Jesus: the way is still long to be crossed. Those who do good are my sons, one can be a pope, a girl, anything, just do my will.

Rosalba: today we are also witnessing the most awful tragedy of the world: boats filled with desperate people escaping the war and that end up to drown in the sea.

Jesus: I also want to say one thing: only charity can prevent this enormous tragedy, with no charity those who created all this have already been doomed! Remember: every time you have done a good deed to only one of my littlest brothers you did to me!

Rosalba: This reply is very sharp and poignant. I hope all us will engage to live in accordance with your parables. By the way: you have always spoken through parables. What is the best parable you ever told humanity?

Jesus: my life, my death and resurrection, my love for you and my Gospel are the best parables I left for the salvation of everybody. Follow me, always and forever and you’ll gain the heaven on the earth!

Download the Bible for free.

and see here for The Gospel.

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In the picture: Robert Powell who starred Gesù di Nazareth by Franco Zeffirelli.


  • anuprita November 20, 2016 at 10:44

    very nice…………………………

    • Rosalba Mancuso December 10, 2016 at 20:09

      Thank you Anuprita for appreciating the imaginary interview with Jesus Christ.

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