Interview with Edgar Allan Poe

May 8, 2015

His short mystery and detective stories are still read by millions of readers throughout the world. He is the most famous writer in the literature field, sure, even though his death happened over a century ago. We are speaking about Mr. Edgar Allan Poe, the unchallenged king of the mystery tales  who had a troubled life and a brilliant career at the same time. On the wave of the success of the previous fantasy interview with Oscar Wilde, Advicesbooks has decided to publish an imaginary interview with Edgar Allan Poe.

Although the interview is fully invented, Poe’s answers are shown as real because they come from a careful research about the life and the biography of the unforgettable writer. At this stage, dear ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you the interview with an author who can even nowadays teach an innovative way of writing.

 Mr. Poe, I know I have lived a very troubled life. Despite all this, you managed to become a great and famous writer. Did your writing save you from troubles and difficulties?

I wouldn’t that you mixed the success of my writing with earning much money, however.

Why? What do you mean?

Writing saved me from inner suffering, such as being abandoned by my real parents ( a couple of actors) and being adopted by a tobacco merchant called John Allan.  During my career, indeed, I endured a severe lacking of money.

Has poverty influenced your writing and your career?

I would say that poverty or money has not at all influenced my writing.

A writer doesn’t write for money, but for the passion and especially for talent!

Some critics said that poverty led you to be alcohol addicted? Is it true?

But I became like this because I didn’t’ manage to face the death of my beloved wife Virginia in 1847. Depression and sensitivity are the worst faults of talented writers!

 How much is talent important to write a successful book?

Talent is fundamental, is the inner push that leads everyone to create impossible things also.

 You wrote many short mystery stories. Among these, I would like to remember: Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque,  which contain some of your most famous stories, namely “The Fall of the House of Usher,” “Ligeia” and “William Wilson”. These stories are very full of suspense and mystery. Why did you love this literary genre?

I can’t explain because I loved suspense and mystery. I only know I loved writing. Maybe I had a particular aptitude to write this kind of stories, but I also loved detective fiction. For instance, I wrote The Murders in the Rue Morgue and “The Gold Bug,” a suspenseful tale about treasures and secret codes.

 I know you wrote a famous  horror poem also: The Raven. Which is the difference between poetry and prose?

There is no difference when you love writing. At least, this is my sincere opinion. If you want to know the technical difference between these two writing ways, I would say that poetry is harder than prose. Inside a poem you must arrange words like sounds, and this technique is surely harder, but it is not when the author has a real passion and talent to write poems.

 According to you, today are there authors that use your style of writing to create their books?

There are. Rather! Usually a writer gets ideas from other famous colleagues. I wouldn’t reveal authors’ names, however.

What do you tell me about a famous modern horror writer like Stephen King?

I don’t believe Mr. King used my stories to write his, and if he got inspiration from me, he was very capable to hide that.

And about Howard Phillips Lovecraft? What would you say?

Many critics said he was my unique heir, but if you read his stories, you can see they are more different than mine.

In short, today no-one is like you!

You are right. Each writer is unique and equal to him/herself only. This is the real secret to write great books.

Here is the last question I ask to everyone. What do you think about to self publish a book?

This is a modern way to promote a book. At my time, it would be unthinkable. I used literary magazines to publish my early stories. Nowadays a new author can enjoy other ways to bring his work around the world and I believe this one is a great opportunity.  Maybe not to get much money but to leave his/her own work in the heart of readers.

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