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November 2, 2016

the-little-book-of-muses-coverWriters or aspiring authors seeking inspiration from one muse or another should get a copy of The Little Book of Muses, a collection of more than 160 personal phrases, such as the above, by author Khaled Talib.

Sold as an e-book, The Little Book of Muses is also available in Italian and Spanish.

It is an inspiring read to influence daily writings and enriching one’s work — a good-feel guide to make a writer feel passionate and motivated about the craft. Some of the phrases will tickle your funny bone while others offer nuggets of wisdom condensed into a few lines.

The collection of phrases culminated from hours of daydreaming and reflection, the author, Khaled Talib, confesses.“I honestly didn’t think what I had to say would appeal to anyone. I used to sit for hours at a café alone with my mind lost in space crafting phrases in my head,” says Talib.“When writers from around the world and journalists from known organizations started following me on Twitter and re-sharing my quotes, I felt assured that all those hours of empty stare into blankness has been a worthwhile trip.”

About the author: Khaled Talib is also the author of two thriller novels. The second, Incognito, is due to be released next year by World Castle Publishing in the United States. The novel revolves around the pope’s disappearance.

Official auhor’s website:


The book is also available in Italian and Spanish



This is a guest post written by author Khaled Talib.

(Guest posts written by authors are available only one time a month).

If you are a writer seeking inspiration to continue your craft, buy this helpful ebook!

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