How to write ebooks and get paid

July 24, 2014

write ebooks and get paidAre you a writer who is looking for new freelance writing jobs? Do you want to discover how to write ebooks and get paid? If your response is yes, now you have a great opportunity to write ebooks and get paid. This opportunity is offered by, a global marketplace for writers. The platform is very interesting because contains several writing projects requested by publishers around the world. The projects range from articles, rewriting of original pieces to ebooks.


Registration to is very easy: you need only to choose a username and password to add to the website together with your  name and surname.The process writers selection includes three stages of writing: standard, premium and elite. The writers who earn more money are those having the profile as a premium and elite. To reach this status you need to write some 25 – 30 articles standard and receive good feedbacks.

If you want to go to elite and standard profile immediately, it is possible to subscribe a fee. I disagree with the issue of paying a fee to become an elite or premium writer. In any case, the payment can be useful to access to the projects of ebook writing. For these projects you may also earn 300 dollars a week. You can try to work with by visiting

On the contrary, if you don’t desire to pay to be an elite or premium writer, you can begin as a standard writer. The skilled and long experience writers shouldn’t write like standard writers. This way of writing is, hence, very suitable for beginners or for those who try to become freelance writers. Iwriter also offers another advantage, namely to write articles in any language.

The most projects, however, are demanded in English US and UK, but very often It is possible to find projects in German, Italian, Spanish and many other languages. What is amazing by working with is that every day there are many available projects.

These ones are split into three categories: articles, rewrite and ebooks. The compensation for each project varies according to the type of work, word, number, length, topic and profile of a web writer, profiles that may be standard, elite or premium. Don’t wait, try to write ebooks, but also articles, and get paid now with!

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