How to submit books to Italian publishers

April 26, 2016

how to get publishedFor unpublished and aspiring writers, one of the main concerns is how to submit books to publishers. Although many of these authors try to publish their manuscript through the self publishing websites, the most important success is always to publish books traditionally and to do this, authors must very frequently try to submit their books to many publishers, But as many know, it is not easy to get published traditionally. The reasons can be many, first of all a book can’t be suitable for some publishers or even for a whole literary market. In this case, instead of turning to the self publishing, authors can try to submit their books to foreign publishers.

This attempting can sometimes be hampered by language. How to submit, indeed, a book in English to Italian publishers, for instance? The unique solution to submit books to foreign publishers is to get some information about the author and the book translated into the language of the publisher. And so, to submit a book to foreign publishers, authors must send a short biography, the plot and a summary of the book (with a list of the chapters) and a book page translated in the same language of the publisher they want to submit the book to. This material allows publishers to appreciate the plot of the book and evaluate if it can be published traditionally.

If you have never been published in your literary market it is maybe because the book was not suitable for that market or for those publishers, but in my country it is said the world is beautiful because it is various and there are many places and countries where your books can be appreciated, released and published traditionally. As an Italian mother tongue, I can help you to submit books to Italian publishers. The Italian literary market is one of the few that loves publish many books written by foreign authors. Today, the share of books in English released in Italy has nearly surpassed the same books released by the Italian authors.

In Italy, there is room for many literary genres. If you are interested to submit your book or manuscript to Italian publishers, please contact me through the contact form and tell me about you and the plot. If I believe your book can be suitable for Italian publishers, I can translate some information about you and the plot of the book in order to submit them to some Italian publishers. As an Italian book publicist, I also have many connections with Italian publishers and I can also work as a literary agent for you, by explaining the concept and value of your literary work in Italian to publishers in Italy.

I can submit your book to Italian publishers for free, you must only pay to get information about you and your book translated into Italian because this is a translation service. For this service, I ask only for a very small fee, whereas submission to publishers is absolutely for free. With this service, you’ll get another important benefit, if one publisher appreciates your book, you can get it translated wholly into Italian for free, thanks to translators hired by the same publisher.

What are you waiting? Contact me for more information and for starting your literary career in Italy.


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  • Andrew M. Patterson September 29, 2016 at 19:53

    I have a book on 011 and who did it, how it was done, and the resulting terrorism in the Middle East. Italian architects worked on 911. New York City is hme to million of Italian Americans. But there was more than just asbestos concrete that damaged people’s health. Mini-nukes placed on the basement floors of both towers melted steel and vaporized bedrock at temperatures 1,000 C hotter than the surface of the sun vaporing people in over two hundred elevator cars plunging them into the crater created by the mini=nukes that was 19 meters deep and 100 meters wide. All this leads to President Kennedy getting Russia to remove its nuclear warheads from Cuba, the Russian atom bomb test in Nova Zemlya, in 1960 that was 1,570 times greater than Hiroshima that led to President Kennedy’s call for international inspection and control of all nuclear technology and the real reason he was killed, who ordered it and how it was carried out. To show the lies behind all this goes back to WW II and Benito Mussolini going to Switzerland to be flown into Berlin to be with Hitler when he would use two atom bombs to drive the Russians back to Moscow. This fact and I have given. The centrifuge that spins at 90,000 rotations a minute is the secret to the atom bomb and the Americans did not have it.

    • Rosalba Mancuso September 30, 2016 at 14:16

      Hi Andrew, thank you for your heartfelt comment about your book and for keeping us informed about what happened on September, 11 2001 to Italian Americans, also. You and your book will always be welcome for me and for Italian publishers.

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