How to sell your book for 350 dollars

September 2, 2015

how to sell your bookBefore yesterday, I believed it was impossible to sell books for 350 dollars, but today I must change my mind. Yes, it is possible to sell your book for 350 dollars. But what a kind of book? Before all, to sell your book for 350 dollars, this must be really unique, original and not findable to others. It must not be a fiction or a romance or a poetry book, maybe it could be a non fiction book or a biography. In short, to sell your book for 350 dollars, the book must be included in the category of essays, but what a kind of essays? Biography surely, but what a kind of biography?

Not the one relates to yourself, unless you are a very famous person. But in this article, I want to tell you that even though you are not a very famous person (or a famous writer), you can also sell your books for 350 dollars! How to do? First of all, you must write about the life of a very famous person (a singer, an actor, a musician, a writer, a football player), then you must think to collect original information about this person, such as unpublished letters, affirmations from his/her heirs or relatives or descendants and at last, a very important detail to raise the price of your book after putting for sale: get the true signature of the very famous person you are writing about.

Wow, and so, I can also write the biography of Michael Jackson with his true signature to sell my book for 350 dollars? I am sure you are thinking like this at the moment, but the matter is not so easy. Michael Jackson died just some years ago and to write his biography with his truel signature, you should pay much money in order to gain the copyright about your book. It is better to aim for very famous people who died more than seventy years ago or about a famous person with no heirs.

Pay attention to what I am saying: famous people who died over 70 years ago enable you to use their information without to buy any copyright, because these people became like a universal patrimony for all Mankind. They are like a collective good. Furthermore, spot the right very famous people to write about, because not all very famous people are acclaimed by fans and readers. And now,  to learn how to sell your book for 350 dollars,  I suggest that you carry out a careful and detailed research about the person you want to write about, try, for instance, to make a research on the Web or to contact his/her fan club.

Afterwards,  search original and unpublished information about this person. To write a book to be sold for 350 dollars, you must wear the shoes of an excellent investigative reporter. Visit public libraries, offices of newspapers who interviewed this person in the past, contact fan clubs and museums where this person is celebrated, try to trace some descendants who can keep secret documents about this person.

Remember that when you write about one died over 70 years ago, you mustn’t pay to get information, photos or signature. Once you’ll get all your material, write the book, choose a title and a cover and then put it for sale on Amazon or other book shops for 350 dollars or more. If you don’t believe in what I am saying, I invite you to see this link.
This is the biography on a famous American businessman. The book contains the original photos and the true signature of this famous person. The parpeback version of the book is, indeed, for sale at a price between 360 and 320 dollars!

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