How to sell books in a few days

September 16, 2015

When I publish a new article about book promotion, the questions that authors ask the most are: how to sell books and how to earn money by selling books? First of all, you must know that book sales are not easy on the web. Social networks are by now too much crowded and the chances to see your post about your new book for sale, exhibited for free, are more and more diminishing. The framework is murky and very worrying, but despite all, if you have decided to earn money selling your books, you had better to follow this short tutorial.


Before selling a book, you must carry out a depth web research about the preferences of your potential readers. Try, for instance, to ask questions to your friends on Facebook or on other social networks about what books they like reading, then, collect all replies you got and act consequently in compliance with these same replies. Even though readers read very few books nowadays, they frequently read essays on answers which are impossible to be found on the Web. Hence, the secret to sell books, also in a few days, is to know what readers are searching. Here is for I said to you to carry out a careful web research.


Thanks to Google, you can type on your keyboard some keywords about several topics, today, indeed, a book is like a website or a blog filled with interesting content. For example, I just tried to search these keywords: heal depression, heal cancer and binary options. Just typed these words, Google displayed me other combinations of keywords such as “ heal depression naturally”,“ heal cancer pain”, and “binary options strategies”, if you are a doctor, a scientist, a financial trader or have any relevant experience in these fields, you can try to write an essay about these topics, as long as your content is respectful of the rules of Science, Medicine and Finance and non keeps false illusions or misleading information.


To write a complete and influential essay, you could take some months, but it is the step to sell the book that can be shortened. You can self-publish the book and self promote yourself on social networks, but besides these tools, you also need you have your personal blog. A personal blog is your passport to success. A personal blog is an online container of your career as a writer. Inside it, you can show your bio, who are you and what you do and put your books for sale. To get traffic for your blog, you must also implement powerful SEO features with keywords that readers can find easily. In case of difficulties, don’t fear to promote your blog with online advertising.


If you can’t spend money to promote your blog, you can try to join online groups. Nowadays, online groups are shown to be the best way to promote ourselves for free and to sell our work, books or services. The best outcomes come from Facebook and Linkedin groups. Pay attention to not wrong when you join a group. If you write a book about binary options, you must join only groups devoted to this topic. The big mistake that today many authors make is to post the news about their books, anywhere and anyway.


This strategy is utterly wrong, because it is considered as spam and can severely endanger your career. Post every day, at least, and only for groups interested in what you are selling. The minimum number of members per group should be 5000, but in case there aren’t groups with this high number of members, join the group displayed by the Facebook or Linkedin algorithm. On Linkedin, for example, there are also groups with over 90,000 members. This high number of members can increase greatly the sales of your book. If your topic is highly enticing and interesting, you can also sell your books in a few days.

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