How to improve the creative process

March 16, 2015

The creative process is the first fundamental step to write a new book. Every writer must have it and should have it in large doses. But what is the creative process? This term concerns all these conditions, of mind and life that allow you to write a book. With no the creative process, creating or writing a new book is impossible, but it is also impossible writing anything, just image a book. The creative process is based on what you want to write and how you would write it.


Before sketching the first words of your book, you should wonder: What I want to write? What I would to write? These questions are important to set the topics or the plot of your book. Unfortunately, the creative process is not always available in the mind and the life of an aspiring author. Why? This happens when aspiring authors are not aware about their writing skills or aspirations or when they conduces a disordered life. All these conditions can harm the creative process severely. Instead, the creative process helps you have better and better new ideas for your book.

The creative process is for your mind like the ground you use to grow your plants. A healthy creative process produces good outcomes and suggests the best way to write a good book that can also be a successful book. Just like the ground for plants, even the creative process must be cared carefully. To improve it, eat organic foods filled with minerals and vitamins. It is much known that minerals like magnesium and phosphor are very important for the brain function.

Magnesium controls the mood swings and depression (read also the article about creativity and depression) that may affect authors during the tiring process of book writing, while phosphor empower the memory by making the creative process faster. These important minerals lie in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. To improve the creative process, you should also sleep 8 hours each night. Sleep has the power to charge back the brain, by inspiring new ideas.

Also, do sport and physical moving to detoxify your mind and your body from stress and worries that prevent to the creative process of coming in your head and in your life. These tricks and tips are very useful to write books not marked by your troubles. Concerns are indeed the worst enemy of writing. Even though you want to write your dramatic biography, the creative process doesn’t work if it is accompanied by stress and other problems.

Get rid all things disturbing your writing and create your book only when you are well balanced with your mind and your life. The inner peace will allow you to draw from your best emotions and to write from the heart beyond words. In this way, even your tragic biography or your tearjerker fiction book will express the real side of you and this is the real passport to get, with no shadow of grey, the career you have always dreamed. To complete this topic, also read the ingredients for creativity.

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