How to get your book translated for free

July 14, 2015

Dear authors, as we know, book translation can be very expensive for new writers, especially for those who choose to self publish their works. In case of a book released by a traditional publisher, indeed, translations are often offered for free by the same publisher, but currently, for the high level of traditionally published books, there are very few chances of being traditionally published and translated by publishers for free. For this reason,  I launched a new idea to get your books translated for free.

This idea is a short translation of an excerpt of your book. I am an Italian mother tongue and I can translate books into perfect Italian. Usually, an excerpt includes only a few pages to be translated and hence, the cost to get this service is less expensive than to translate an entire book. Furthermore, authors can decide how many pages to get translated. I suggest to translate the most meaningful chapters or the initial pages of the book.

After translating the excerpt, Advicesbooks will submit the excerpt to a traditional publisher in order to get the book translated and printed for free, and then sold in Italy. As a book reviewer, I read many books every day, some of them are very, very interesting and I am sure that they would be wonderful if they were translated into the Italian language in order of being read also by Italian readers and book lovers.

To translate an excerpt of a book, the price is only 10 dollars per page. Only ten dollars to submit the excerpt in Italian to an Italian publisher. If the publisher appreciates the excerpt, he could translate the entire book for free. I believe this is a very low investment to find a new path toward your success as a writer or novelist.

Don’t stop your dreams, try also this new opportunity with Advicesbooks and spend only a little fee to get an excerpt of your book translated. For further information about the translation of the excerpt of your book, please write on the contact form. To get translated into the Italian language for free, another solution is to get a book review in Italian. For more information about this service, please read here.


  • Adrienne Ijioma November 27, 2018 at 20:07

    Thank you for these ideas! I am a US writer with a collection of poetry (spoken word) based on the treatment of women from puberty to adulthood and all the traumas that I have experienced as such, as well as the lessons learned that I endeavor to share on a global scale with women everywhere. I have had contact with friends in Italy who think my book would do well in Italy if translated. I cannot afford the translation fees but will pursue some of your suggestions regarding seeking publication in Italian by submitting a translated excerpt. Thank you!

    • Rosalba Mancuso November 28, 2018 at 18:18

      Hi Adrienne, I am very happy you appreciated the suggestions of this article.
      I hope you’ll get your book translated into Italian for free very soon.
      Good Luck!

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