How to get reviews for your new book

June 3, 2016

get your book reviewedHave you written and self published your new book? Well, now it is the time to find reviewers who are available to give their honest and unbiased opinion about your work.  Very often, the greatest trouble for indie writers is how to find reviewers for their book and how to get new reviews. Even though you know yours is a real masterpiece, reviews, above all the first ones, are late in coming. Why? The reasons are many, but very simple: first of all, because you are a new writer, or rather, a self-published writer, and every year tons of books are self-published.

Just think that in the US, every year, they are released over 40,000 self published books, while on famous self-publishing web platforms, such as Smashwords, there is availability of over 350, 000 titles. Thereby, the self publishing market is overcrowded and readers are forced to rummage among thousands of self-published and, sometimes, very interesting books. But it is hard they manage to see just your new book, even though it is exposed on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords and other web self-publishing websites. Unless to ask your friends, partner, relatives and parents to leave some reviews for your book, the number of reviews for your book could be next to zero or you could get only very few reviews.

Furthermore, the time which will pass from your requests to the first review could be very long. However, review is the unique and the best strategy to push readers to buy your book and then to give you their opinions. How to get, hence, a positive chain of honest and unbiased reviews? The answer is: hire a professional reviewer. This answer is not greatly appreciated by indie writers. Indeed, many of them hate to hire professional reviewers because they fear to not get honest and unbiased book reviews.

Sometimes, this can occur, but it always depends on the kind of reviewer you met. Many authors also hate to pay a fee to get their books read, first, and then reviewed. I suggest that you ask for more information to professional reviewers about their fee and their reviews. How much do they charge for review? I know some reviewers, or rather literary magazines, which have to publish and share a review on a self-published writer, can ask for over 200 dollars for their job. If you are an indie writer who has just launched his/her first book, it is really hard to pay a similar fee.

Therefore, I advise you search for cheaper reviewers. Around the web, there are also websites that promise reviews for free, but usually they use the same rules of paid review websites, namely you can submit your book for free, but it will be reviewed only when their reviewers have finished the paid reviews. Instead, if you pay a fee, your book will be reviewed in very short time and will be reviewed surely!

Other information you must demand to get your book reviewed is about how to get unbiased and honest reviews. This is the greatest risk for writers, because a negative opinion published and shared on your first or new book could really destroy your writing career.

However, it is highly unfair to get positive reviews only because you paid to get them! Hence, the issue is really controversial: better to pay for positive reviews only,  or for unbiased and honest opinions? I would suggest to find a right middle way between the two  questions I wrote above. To get reviews for your new book, you should hire a cheaper and professional book reviewer who is ready to give you his/her honest opinion, but with two several options, namely: publish and share the positive opinions only and keep for him/herself the negative one.

I, for instance, work this way: I publish and share my positive review only, while in case of negative opinion, authors have two options: receive an email message with my negative review or be fully refunded. I chose this rule because I believe books are the author’s creativity fruit and it would be cruel to spread public negative opinions. A review must always relate to the plot, writing style and message the author wanted to convey through his/her book. It is needless and cruel to broadcast negative opinions about authors who spend weeks, months or years to write a book and bring the fruit of their thought and experience to all us.

Usually, authors who get their book reviewed by me, also get other reviews from readers and clicks from other readers who want to buy their books. You can see all my book reviews here.   In case of positive opinion, books submitted for review are also submitted to the Literary prize I organize every year. This blog is also based in Italy and receive visitors from around the world. Don’t matter if you are an American, European, British, Canadian, Australian, Italian, African or Asian writer, it is important your book is written in English. Here, you can submit any literary genre: fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

Since I am also an Italian writer, I also offer reviews in Italian to foreign authors. My reviews in Italian can also be reposted on an important Italian literary forum: or on this literary blog.

While for the Italian authors, I also offer a book review service in English. I called this service: crossed reviews, namely reviews in Italian for foreign authors and in English for Italian writers. It is useful to gain international exposure.

Obviously, here, you can also submit your book in English for review in English, by gaining equal international exposure and boosting your audience. I hope this post and these examples, persuaded you to get your new book reviewed by me. If are you sure, submit your book here or write a message on the contact form for more information.

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