Today I have decided to speak about how to find the right subject to write a book. I hope this article will be useful to those authors who want to write a new book. To  find the righ subject you shoud checj the stats about the books of the moment.  The stats about this kind of book come from a direct observation of the books sold on my website and on Amazon. According to this information, books of the moment are biographies on Marylyn Monroe and Fifty Shades of Grey.

About the books on Marylyn, I believe there is not a lot to be said, because this actress is until today a real legend of Hollywood and the American History. What makes biographies on Marylin Monroe attractive for readers is the sad history of the actress more than her movies and her ominous and strange death. Fifty Shades of Grey, instead, is an erotic romance novel that got much success thanks to a movie where erotic performances of the main characters are shown better than in the book. I think that the fact these books are the best at the moment doesn’t mean there are excellent or good books.

Rather, I think this success has come out since the subject of both these books is represented by media characters, Marylin was a very famous and unhappy woman and actress, Fifty Shades of Grey describes the sexual perversion between a young girl and a fascinating manager. There are many erotic good books around, but Fifty Shades of Grey managed to arrive on the table of movie producers and the trick made the miracle: until today, Fifty Shades of Grey is the book of the moment. What can you write on the basis of this useful information? Biography, Memoir, Erotic novel?

I suggest you to write only what you want to tell your readers, don’t care about success and money and sales and future movies, this is not the right path toward your career. If you want to write a successful biography, you should aim for a good writing level and a very sensitive style capable to make your memoir unforgettable.

Sure, today selling books is almost impossible with no promotion, but the books on Marylyn Monroe, for instance, already enjoy the fame of the actress, while Fifty Shades of Grey enjoyed the thirst of sex that lies in each adult reader. These books, according to my honest opinion, are only good strategies to sell many copies. I am not judging their style of writing, but I want to remind that, before all, book writing is an amazing and wonderful art and just later a marketing issue.

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