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October 6, 2012

What are the best books on depression? They can help you  better know and deal with this painful illness?

Before replying to these questions, you must know that depression is a mental disorder which affects millions of persons in the world. We can affirm this illness is the main disease of the modern world. Nobody can be excluded from depression because that is evil in the human soul. I consider depression like the absolute evil, a terrible form of self destruction without a clear cause.

Today, it is still impossible to know the real cause of this disorder. And for this reason, many people, both women and men, remain totally alone in dealing with depression and without none that leads them torward an effective treatment.

Indeed, depression needs a correct treatment, but, it is hard to find the right pathway to deal with it.  Fortunately, many helful infomation about depression can be found in outstanding non fiction books facing the matter with the proper words. They often discuss about various types of depression and about the best treatments to heal it.

 The best books about depression are always those advised by your psychotherapist or those published by research institutes or famous psychiatrics. Anyway, it is possible to find interesting and great books about depression on the Internet, also.

According many readers and scholars, the book Understanding Depression: What We Know and What You Can Do About It, by J Raymond De Paulo, Jr and Leslie Alan Horvitz, is one of the best books for dealing with your depression. This work was published in 2002 by Wiley and has 304 pages.

Here is a review about this book  by Canhers business informations: “De Paulo covers all aspects of the illness what it feels like; who tends to have it (women are two or three times more likely to be diagnosed than men, not necessarily the same thing); the biology of depression; possible courses of therapy; and psychopharmacology. De Paulo also discusses bipolar disorder (manic depression), and he covers both mainstream and alternative treatments…”.

I also recommend the above mentioned work also for family and friends of depressed people.

The other best books on depression are:

These detailed and in depth books can help you overcome and deal with one the most severe and harmful kinds of depression, the so called bipolar disorder.

To better deal with depression, it is also helpful to read books which discuss about the illness with a spiritual and religious perspective. Depression is frequently caused by a spirtual conflict that pushes us to follow a wrong lifestyle or to crave only consumer goods or money. This wrong and sicked behaviour separates us from our inner life, triggering also the awful symptoms of depression and anxiety.

On this framework, the best spiritual books to handle depression and anxiety are:

Spiritual Depression: Its causes and cures  a poignant collection of sermons by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones released in 1959.

Depression as a Spiritual Journey by Stephanie Sorrell, the first guide inviting depressed people to look at their illness in a new way in order to embrace the path to heal.

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