Hellen Back The Attic by Vicki Zell

August 30, 2017

hellenback-theattic-coverHellen Back: The Attic by Vicki Zell is a fictional tale about a young woman who has lived with a domineering mother for eighteen years and has never had any outside friendship of any kind, until she befriends a boy at school, which sends her to the attic, a place in which Jennifer Luck has spent most of her childhood, and all because her mother could not abide by her mere presence. When Jennifer heads off for an all girls school academy at Kale University, Jennifer soon discovers that there are real monsters in the world, not like those which hide under beds and inside of closets, but the kind of monsters that wear masks, and the most monstrous monsters of all, mothers… like, Merilee Luck.

Come and take a journey along dark halls and steepened stair wells, as Jennifer and BBF, Kathy Barns engage in something sinister well hidden in the bottom caverns of Kale House, or as some prefer to call it; The Dorm, and uncover the truth behind the cabinets, a truth no one is ever prepared for.

Follow Jennifer as she and Kathy Barns embark on a dark path of no return. When Kathy disappears, questions needing answers arise, and soon Jennifer will come to unleash a hell on earth she never suspected existed until now. Allison Matthews arrives to Kale, taking Kathy Barns’ place at the table, and she and Jennifer take off where Jennifer and Kathy ended, and the new discovery of what is about to take place will not only shock you, but get you to wondering, pondering the ideals of what truly lies beyond human understanding.

Soon to be released on Audio, Virginia Ferguson gives a most stimulating narration into the dark depths of hell some face on this earth today, and we, who are unknowing, will have no choice but wonder if in fact this is fiction or fact.

Stop by www.vlzbooks.com and get more surprising mysteries to solve as Vicki Zell takes you on yet another journey into the unknown, where darkness prevails, and nothing is what it seems, and even your life, as you sit and think on it, may well be next in line, so stand up… you’re next.


“Please”,  Jennifer pleaded. “I’ll do whatever you want. Please, don’t kill me.”
Only a person in Jennifer’s position could possibly understand Jennifer’s fear. The sort of fear which soars one’s mind and roars throughout one’s soul. That frightened realism of knowing you are about to die.

Picture yourself crouched on bended knees. Your arms bound behind your back. Plastic zip ties wrap your wrists and ankles, and an unknown device over your eyes keeps you in the dark, all while your abductor hovers over you in complete silence with breath barely audible. You cannot help wondering who has bound and blinded not only you, but those you left behind in the dark tunnel from which you tried to escape from.

Jennifer Luck awoke to find herself in such a place, surrounded by strangers crying out for God to save them. Their voices echoing from what could only be in Jennifer’s blind judgment, some form of underground tunnel or cave, where the airs so thick, it requires your lungs work extra hard for a breath of oxygen, and your heart pounds from the terror of it all.

Covered in grime, from head to toe, blindfolded to the evil lurking around her, Jennifer ferociously carved her way through mud, weeds, and god knows what else, while the limbs of bushes gobbled at her hair. Blood oozed from the scrapes, scratches, and tears of her eighteen-year-old delicate skin, so warm and tender, so soft and smooth. Her long blonde hair that once swayed with grace and familiarity against her bareback weighs heavy, mixed with mud and blood. Torn patches left to cling to the limbs of bushes, like,
tinsel on a Christmas tree.

Desperate, scared, and confused, Jennifer ran, stumbling and tripping over fallen dead branches spread across the forest floor. Dropping to her hands and knees, teetering in a semi-coma state from the injections of drugs still flowing through her veins, the sun’s warmth, expresses, Jennifer is facing west of the hemisphere, for the sun is warmest, at mid-day, during winter months, in elevated northern states.
That November morning Jennifer awoke finding the bondage to her ankles and that unknown device covering her eyes, removed, yet darkness remained. Off in the distance, a tiny speck of light lured her.

With arms bound behind her back, wrapped by a single zip tie, like the ties police sometimes use in place of handcuffs, and like those you or I might use at one time or another to secure everything and anything, Jennifer made her way toward the light, never once imagining she would one day be… anything.
As she made her way through the dark tunnel, growing closer to that spectrum of light, one single thought invaded her many scrambled thoughts.

‘There really is light at the end of the tunnel’.

Inside the tunnel, footsteps, interrupted the silence. Jennifer hurried to the light. Her heart, that sustainable life-force that pumps and recycles blood through the veins, pounded in her chest like a jackhammer. Knowing she had to get as far as possible as soon as possible, having no concern as to what lay beyond that light, her only concern was for someone to wake her from her nightmare.
“Someone wake me,” she thought as she ran and kept running.

Terror, in any circumstance, tends to leave all else in retrospect. It is through terror, we discover our inner strengths and weaknesses. Human instinct is to survive, so we fight back and never surrender.
The light at the end of the tunnel smacked Jennifer head-on like a freight train, knocking her back a step. Foraging through that light, Jennifer encountered jagged colored edges of golds, yellows, and greens, while she tried desperately to adjust her eyes to that bright light encompassing her.
A voice from inside the tunnel shouted, “Stop!”

Bolting in a dead run, Jennifer could move no faster than her two weakened legs would carry her. The sucking sounds her brown loafers made as they pressed deep in the muddy confines of the wet forest floor, with her weight inside them, echoed in her ears. The voice calling for her to stop, had fallen silent. Jennifer believed she somehow escaped miraculously and was free of that voice.

Still trying to adjust her eyes to the light encompassing her, through blurred vision, she could see clusters of bushes and trees popping in and out of her view. So, she slowed her pace to a quickened step.
With her heart beating like a race horse crossing the finish line, Jennifer was forced to stop and catch her breath. A crackling of twigs got her attention and she stood listening intently to the sounds of the forest. Believing what she was hearing, was a deer, she smiled, thinking it may be a silly little squirrel; there are so many sounds in the forest, she reminds herself, to calm herself. The sound of twigs being crushed, terrifies her.

Out of nowhere, a wall of arms wrapped her tight, while hands transfixed overtop of her head, that unknown device, covering her eyes. Two strangers stood alongside her as the darkness closed out the light, and Jennifer was once again, sequestered by evil.

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