Fundraising for Advicesbooks Prize 2015

January 29, 2015

Dear authors, would you like to be paid for your hard work of writing? We think you would. Unfortunately nowadays, many authors, writers and bloggers are forced to work and write for free. We do not agree with this twisted and insane rule of the editorial market and for such a reason we have decided to organize a fund raising to reward the authors of the best books Advicesbooks will read this year.

We have already organized the first edition of the Prize for the best book read by Advicesbooks in 2014, but this prize was only a certificate delivered by email from Advicesbooks and with no money. This year we would deliver not only our praises for the best authors, but also money which may compensate them for their endeavors. The amount of the prize depends on how much money we’ll raise during this year. The donations are opened as of today and will end on December 31, 2015.

The Prize for the best book read by Advicesbooks in 2015 will be delivered within the second half of January 2016. Like the one of this year, the prize consists of two categories: established and translated authors and new or self-published authors! And so, two authors could be awarded with money for their book. Money will be delivered upon these percents: 40% to the established author, 40% to a new or self-published author and 20% to improve and support Advicesbooks. To donate, go to the home page and click on the PayPal button on the right screen.

Hence, for instance, whether during this year we’ll raise donations for 1000 dollars, 800 dollars will be for the winners ( 400 for the famous author and 400 for the new one) and 200 to support Advicesbooks. We hope to raise much more and invite all you, not only authors, but also writers, bloggers and friends to support this initiative which rewards all those who love writing stories and not only. When you donate, specify that it is a donation to Advicesbooks Prize 2015.

This page with this important news will be updated every month in order to inform about the funds raised.Come on dear friends, the success of our and your work of writing depends only by all us! Start to donate, back to the home page to do it!

Naturally, if the funds raised will be much more high (over 30.000 dollars) we might also reward the winner, the first and the second runner up for every category of the Prize, namely famous and new authors! What are you waiting? The next winner of the Advicesbooks Prize 2015 could just be you!

This fundraising has been closed on December, 31,  2015.


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