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March 25, 2015

Advicesbooks.com is a trusted and reliable website of book reviews and book promotion for indie authors. Our services of book promotion are also used to established authors who recommend Advicesbooks and regard this website like the most reliable in the field of the book business and book marketing. Read the comments by rewarded and established authors on Advicesbooks.com:



If you are an aspiring or an indie author who is still seeking a good strategy to boost his/her audience and his books, Advicesbooks can do much more for you. Thanks to our long experience in the field of book promotion, we can perform the best methods to get high exposure for your books. You need exposure if you still got no review on other websites and magazines or no recommendation from readers. This unpleasant problem doesn’t occur because you wrote bad books, but because your books have no exposure. Every year, only in the Us, one million of books are self-published! This is a good news for readers but not for authors.

Even though you put your book on the most famous websites of self-publishing, the pace of publication is so fast that it is impossible to get a good exposure. As an author, you need your book is tracked and viewed by readers. Before reading your work, readers must view it! On the biggest self-publishing websites, the odds to be noted by readers are very low today because the number of self-published books is too high.

Naturally, book promotion services are for a fee. This price is very low in comparison to other services for book promotion. Fifty dollars for a book review against 500 dollars of other websites. Payment is not to get a false review. In case of positive opinion,  our review will be published on  our website and shared on social networks. In case of negative opinion, you’ll receive it by email like book advice to improve your book. 250 dollars for a foreword or to evaluate your book in process. A foreword by a website like Advicesbooks or advice to improve the plot or the idea for your book are a real passport to do a good work of book creation and book promotion.

Many websites of book promotion offer book marketing for free, but this way leads very often to not get the right exposure for your book. Just think: if your colleagues self-publish and promote their books on the same free websites, what outcomes may you get for your career and your book? Advicesbooks advertises a few books at a time, in order to guarantee high exposure. You could also promote your book on other famous websites and magazines of book marketing, by spending a high amount of money, but if these websites and magazines take advantage of you to fill their pages and websites with news about books and authors, your work will always be invisible.

Have a look at www.advicesbooks.com and find out how it works. Every day only one book review, a monthly interview or two, max four press releases a day and max ten books quoted on the new releases page. Every article and service of book promotion are shared on our social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google plus and Tsu). and social groups of readers with more than 5000 members in order to allow our readers to know the title of the book, its price and the author.

Furthermore, a book shared by a brand like Advicesbooks, attracts more readers than a book shared by an unknown author! Don’t miss this chance, contact us and promote your books while there is still room for you!

If you are an aspiring writer, also use the service to evaluate the book you are writing: advice on unpublished books.

Choose our services of book promotion from this page: Book submission.

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