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November 14, 2018


This Italian book site accepts any literary genres (erotica excluded).

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Book listed on the page of the new releases  of  €5

Book description+excerpt  published on  €10

 Three short reviews in English to be published on three English book sites (Goodreads, Kobo and Barnes and Noble) €30

Note1: please verify that your book is listed on these book sites before buying the three short reviews service.

Note2: A short review is 120 – 150 words.

Book review of 500 words in English,  featured on and shared on the social networks

Note3: Books submitted for reviews will also automatically submitted to the annual Advicesbooks Prize. (You don’t need to send the book copy for review. It will be bought by this site).

Press release in English  to be published on an English PR agency website (PR log)  €50

Interview in English  published on  €65

Advertised post for book companies only, published on  €150 (for SEO and link bulding).

Foreword in English  to be used on the English edition of books € 75

Video book review in English published on Youtube (highlighted on  €100


Book translation from English to Italian €10 per page

Note4: As quantity, periodically, enter the number of pages you want to translate, in order to pay the service in customized installments. The page count relates to the original file in doc or pdf.


Three short reviews in Italian to be published on three Italian book sites (Mondadori store, and €30

Note5: please verify that your book is listed on these book sites, before buying the three short reviews service.

Press release in Italian  to be published on an Italian PR agency website (  €50

Book review in Italian (500 words) published on Advicesbooks category review IT and shared on the Italian social networks €50

Interview in Italian  published on €65

Foreword in Italian  to be used on the Italian edition of books €75

Video book review in Italian  published on Youtube (highlighted on   €100

Bilingual review Italian-English published on  €50


 A copy of your book added to an Italian library  €75

A week of public relations to bring some copies of the print edition of your book  to Italian physical book stores 350 euros


Opinion on unpublished  book €50

Opinion on translated book €50

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