Educational books for children

October 6, 2012

Our sons are like a white paper, where a parent can write anything: good or evil. A bad example can product a bad person. That is the rule in the world. Many parents, perhaps for job tasks, cannot find the time to educate their children.

Can a book to help them to educate their sons better ? Yes, It can, but without to consider that like a parents substitute.

A book can’t ever take the place of a mother or a father. Parents can to use, instead, a good educative book for helping a child to understand the values of life, such as ethic principles, moral concepts and positive behaviours toward other people. Is it possible to find a good educative book for children?

Publishers today offer different solutions such as e-books, school books, fairies books and even ethics books. Educational principles can be transmitted by reading fairies book, but also by ethics books. If to find fairies books for children is very easy, to find ethics book is more hard.

These are very rare and in limited copies. But, especially in this our time made of so many ugliness is very important to help our kids to learn the true values of life.

The consequences of a good reading to baby are seen when children are adults.

When you buy an educative or ethic books for children I advice you to avoid copies in e-book format or with iphone apps because a child needs to begin with a paper book.

The educative book I want to advise you is “ E is fort ethics” by Ian James Corlett. This book was released on December 8, 2009 and has 128 pages.

The book contains 26 stories that parents can read to their sons before going to sleep. Each story concerns positive values such as to treat himself and others with respect or make good actions to improve the world.

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