Do you write for money or for passion?

June 10, 2015

Write for passion or for money?This matter is the most important among those I discussed about writing. Many writers and authors are often pushed to write for money, besides for passion. But which is the right attitude to start writing? I always suggest you  to write for passion, especially with a novel, while you should write for money when you create content for third parts, such as articles for newspapers, blogs and web magazines.

In the literature field, it could be very harmful writing for money,  above all for your talent and authorship. It is obvious that many famous authors write for money after their long career, but in the early stages of your work, you’d better to not think to earn money with your writing. A wrong mindset while you write can mark adversely and forever your future.

When an author writes only for money, indeed, he thinks only to earn and not to create an excellent work, he writes hastily, by making mistakes and forgetting the real purpose of his writing: attract readers. When you write for money, your writing suffers and becomes shallow and less interesting. I know, for instance, about authors capable to write over fifty books a year, while, usually, a masterpiece takes some years to be written.

As I already said, when you write for third parts and your publisher provides you a close deadline, you need to write very quickly, but in all other cases, rapidity is unnecessary. I also know that when you have written books for years and success is slow to come, you can also be annoyed, frustrated and bored to continue writing with no money for a long time, but creative writing is one of the worst business. Indeed, earn money by writing depends often of fate or fortune and never on the writer.

Before earning a disease instead of money, I advise you be very calm when you write and forget money. I know that life is made of expenses and bills every day, but the writing of a book does not ensure you money for every day. Maybe, a day you’ll get much money by writing, but this will be only fortune along with talent and perseverance. The unique strategy to hope of earning money with your writing is persistence.

There are no other rules or paths to chase in order to get success by writing. If I owned them, I would tell you. Persistence is the only and unique rule to follow if you want to earn money with your writing. Admittedly, I think there is not another more lovely thing that writing for passion. Passion it the lever that moves the world and add into your words, something original and special to make your book excellent and capable to make you earn much money.

But this achievement could come true too late in the course of time. No-one can forecast the duration of your endeavours to get success with your writing. Different matter is when you write and work for others. In this case I suggest: never writing for free or for too low rates. Your competence and credibility depend only on how much you ask for your work.

Hence and in short: write for passion when you work with a novel and write immediately for money when you write for thirds parts. Often, many novelists, who write for passion, earn money by working as freelancers for journals and magazines. This is a good strategy to not be run out of money while you are writing your book.

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  • Muda Atoyebi September 23, 2015 at 11:38

    I write for the sheer love of writing. I’ve not made money, yet I’m still writing with joy and passion. I felt hugely gratified when my first book was published; it gave me a huge sense of self-actualization. Unconditional creative-writing brings the best out of the writer. The best-selling author is not necessarily the best-writing author; and money must only be the icing on the cake. You write for money when you do ghost-writing or free-lancing; but with passion when engaged in creative-writing.

    • Rosalba Mancuso February 2, 2016 at 16:36

      Hi Muda, thank you for your comment. I am very happy you write for passion. However, a talented passion can also bring a bit of money. For instance, I am a freelance writer and I do this work both for passion and for money.

  • Nadia Gerassimenko September 19, 2015 at 08:31

    I definitely write for passion. I write for my blog, for a literary magazine, and works that I plan to publish without being remunerated for it, but me being able to share my work with the world and pouring and baring my soul just makes me so happy, it doesn’t matter if I get payed or not. But, indeed, I do freelance on the side in order to subsist, but also be of service to other authors or anyone else who needs editorial services.

    • Rosalba Mancuso February 2, 2016 at 16:48

      Passion is always for free, but when a person does the writer’s craft, money is fundamental to earn a living. I also offer editorial services to promote authors and books and sometimes I remain startled when some customers demand editorial or promotion services for free. Editorial services, writing and promotion services must never be for free.

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