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What are cookies?
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Types of cookies

There are several types of cookies: technical cookies, analytic cookies, targeting cookies and cookie of third parties.

Technical cookies allow you to visit our website and browse our pages.
These cookies are also used by the browser you use to visit websites.
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Analytic cookies

Analytic cookies allow to store information about the numbers of visitors that everyday arrive in our website and on the kind of pages they click. To this purpose, we use a WordPress plugin called Wp statistics. This software can store information about your provenience and duration  of your visit.  To accept or refuse these cookies, see

Targeting cookies
Targeting cookies collect targeted information about visitors to send advertising messages.

Advicesbooks doesn’t use targeting cookies. These cookies are used only by third parts hosted on our website through affiliation programs: Amazon and Google Adsense (see this link to deactivate cookies for Adsense double clicks,

To protect your privacy from these cookies, see the privacy policy of Google and Amazon.

Other  third party cookies
These kind of cookies is used by other websites whose links are hosted on other sites, such as social sharing buttons, donation or payment buttons and affiliation programs.
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Advicesbooks also hosts a PayPal button. This is also a service of third parts. To protect your privacy from these cookies, see the privacy policy of PayPal 

Privacy policy of Advicesbooks
This website collects information when you fill voluntarily the contact form or the newsletter form, the field to send comments to posts or the form to order services of book promotions. We don’t use this information to send spam, but only to reply in order to your requests and to send our periodical newsletters. Your information is protected and never revealed to third parts.

Responsible for processing personal data
In charge of processing and protect your personal data is the freelance writer, and the admin of Advicesbooks, Rosalba Mancuso, via Togliatti, 33 Grammichele, Sicily, Italy. In accordance with the current privacy law, you can ask us to delete or modify your personal data and information at any moment, writing at

Legal information
This website is subject to the Italian law on privacy (Legislative Decree 196/03) and the European cookie law 2009/136/CE.