Review of The Lost Ones by Pete Prown
Book reviews , Fiction , Free ebooks / June 16, 2015

This book starts like a fun tale, continues like an investigation story and ends like a great mystery. I am speaking about The Lost Ones, the fiction-mystery-fantasy book written by Pete Prown. The book is included in a classic fantasy series, titled “The Chronicles of Dorro” and set in the Middle Age in a village named Thimble Down. It is summer, between July and August, there is a hellish hot and the village is suffering a severe and dramatic drought. Wells are nearly dry and the villagers are engaged to drill new wells in order to find water for the whole town. During a wedding, a five year old child is kidnapped. Two weeks later, another little girl misses. In charged of the inquiries, it is Dorro, a brave and bold boy who is also a bookmaster and the deputy of the Sheriff Forgo. Dorro tries to find out where the missed children are and abruptly he stumbles on a murky story of children trafficking, perhaps headed by a strange ship docked on the banks of the Sea Dog. Meanwhile, in the Thimble Down, a strange person arrives, that is the bookseller Rufus accompanied by his fellow and painter Edmond….

Review of Boomerang by Stewart Giles
Book reviews , Fiction , Free ebooks / May 18, 2015

This book is better than an episode of Criminal Minds or Ncis. Maybe it is better than a mainstream mystery like the one of Agatha Christie, even though the latter is still unchallenged for her books. Despite all this introduction, the book I am about to review is stunning, well engineered and with a plot that is worth to regard as a great masterpiece. I am speaking about “Boomerang”, the book written by Stewart Giles and published, listen to me carefully, on, the famous website of free ebooks for Kindle and not only.   I stumbled upon this book randomly, why I was looking for a mystery book to be reviewed. When I read the work, I noticed to have read a good thriller book, one of these capable to keep you glued to the pages until you finished reading. Boomerang is the story about a serial killer who leaves a number sequence, most probably a date, under the feet of his victims. Each date coincides with an important event in the life of Jason Smith, a brave and smart detective in charge of investigating about the mysterious killer. The latter is John Fulton, a former veteran of Vietnam’s…

Easter giveaway: a free ebook from Advicesbooks
Free ebooks / March 31, 2015

Dear readers, on occasion of Easter time, we want to offer you a special giveaway: a free ebook. That is a Religion book titled: The truth that sets free – The untaught secrets to win every battle. The book was written by the Christian author Samuel Ngafeeson and was reviewed by Today and for all Easter time and over, readers and book lovers, but also authors and visitors of this website can download the book in pdf format from this page. We recommend to read The truth that sets free because this work contains very useful tips to face the troubles of life and resolve many dramatic vicissitudes. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to explore several religion issues and many Christian topics. The book is not only for Christian readers, but also for all those who want to read a spiritual book during the Easter holiday. To download the free ebook, click on the title: The truth that sets free. Good reading and have a nice Easter. With this giveaway,, the website of book reviews and book promotion, takes a short Easter break. As of tomorrow, we’ll be on Holiday. This website will resume the upgrades…

Free ebook from feminist radical thinkers
Free ebooks / January 22, 2015

To celebrate the publication of their new Feminist Radical Thinkers,  Versobooks, the indipendent publisher of radical books, brings you a selection of extracts from books written by feminist authors.  Now, these extracts are brought together in this ebook collection, to download for FREE!   The ebook, titled “Feminist Radical Thinkers, A Sampler”, is a collection from famous feminist authors, including Michèle Barrett, Mary McIntosh, Lynne Segal, Sheila Rowbotham and Juliet Mitchell. Among other, this ebook for adults contains the following titles: Woman’s Consciousness, Man’s World / Sheila Rowbotham A groundbreaking examination of the birth, development and impact of Feminist consciousness. Woman’s Estate / Juliet Mitchell A detailed picture of patriarchy in action, Woman’s Estate describes the organization of women’s liberation in Western Europe and America. A classic statement of socialist feminism. To download this ebook for free, see here!

A free ebook from Advicesbooks
Free ebooks / January 8, 2015

Dear readers, today Advicesbooks offers you another free e-book. After the holiday gift,  we want to donate you a free ebook which we have received by Anthony Robson, a talented author we reviewed last month. The free ebook is titled: Earth Walk:The Meaning? That is a fantastic book that mixed fiction and religious topics in order to transmit a message of salvation and conversion for all human beings. (Read the review).  To download the free ebook, instead, please follow this procedure: 1 visit and click on the “digital”download button on the home page. 2 enter the following coupon code:eegd-33ec-adbh-9d93 3 download from your digital locker and begin enjoying your new ebook. If you managed to download this ebook, we wish you good reading! Source of the image:

Holiday gift for the readers of Advicesbooks
Free ebooks / December 10, 2014

Dear readers, today we have published  the press release of Verso  Books,  the foremost publisher of essays books. Verso Books, indeed,  is the largest independent, radical publisher in the English-speaking world and publishes one hundred books a year.   We believe that literature is important in any field and that in this modern age, everyone should read any type of books. On the occasion of Christmas, Verso Books organizes “Verso Mixtape 2014”, an exciting collection of the best reading of 2014. Today and for the whole December, 2014,  the ebook version of prestigious essays books is offered for free. Here is the announcement of Verso Books: “We bring you a compilation of our most exciting reading from 2014 – brought together for the first time in this ebook collection, and available for FREE download! With contributions from leading radical names including Arundhati Roy, Ben Kunkel, Gabriella Coleman, James Meek, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Shlomo Sand, Walter Benjamin and Slavoj Žižek, this volume covers topics ranging from philosophy and Israel-Palestine politics, through to the politics of sex work, Mexico, feminism, and the misery of contemporary capitalism. To look at the world from another point of view, download the free ebooks released by Verso…