Review of The Last Train by Michael Pronko
Book reviews , Fiction / June 12, 2017

I must admit that I am very happy when authors ask me to review their masterpieces. Behold, this is just the case in which I reviewed a real, great, unforgettable and extraordinary novel. Although I do book promotion, it does not always happen that I read so well written novels (beware: I am not saying this because I am doing book promotion, but because it is the truth). Well, after introducing this my first opinion, I highly recommend to read this book titled The Last Train , a mystery novel written by Michael Pronko. The author is an acclaimed American writer who teaches English in Tokyo, the underground, multicultural and mysterious city where the novel is set. Through this novel, I understood many secrets and things of our modern world. The Japanese city of the book is underground and gloomy, it is a city under the hurry of people who must take a train to go to work. The Last Train brings us to Tokyo of the white collars, businessmen, entrepreneurs and wealthy people who strangely commit suicide just on the platform of the train, at the main station in Tokyo. These people live only to get rich, make money…

Review of Rugìle by Fabrizio Ulivieri
Book reviews , Fiction / May 29, 2017

This is a kind of book you can read in one breath. Really. I read this work in one breath, too. In his novel, this Italian author puts his personal opinion about love, sex and life, concatenating them with a unique meaning, namely an interesting philosophy about the different universes from which we are surrounded. I am discussing about Rugìle, the new romance for adult readers written by Italian author Fabrizio Ulivieri. As just said, this is a work you could have read in a couple of days, but this is also a fast paced literary tale about sex, passion and instinct, three noticeable items of the personal life of the main character of the book: a man who can love many women simultaneously, provided that they are foreign and very young women. Through the sharp and dry description of an Italian middle aged man, this Italian author exhibited his literary talent to drag us into an apparently perverse world of sexual relationships with Asian, American and Lithuanian women, where sex is more important than love. Strangely, love is more important for the main character, an Italian, wealthy, maybe famous man, who lives in Florence. In the book, this character…

Review of The Death Tax by James Massaro
Book reviews , Fiction , Free ebooks / May 23, 2017

What happened while I was reading this book is really incredible. My nephew would play with my e-reader and I decided to talk him about this story, selecting only the parts that were suitable for children. The Snowman, white woods and falling snow on a solitary hill leading to a likewise solitary mansion. Since I and my nephew are Italian, I verbally told him the story by translating it into Italian! Apart this enjoyable moment, I considered this novel fully interesting, because focused on an important topic: organ transplant and euthanasia. The main character is a teenager in a coma after a car accident. The teenager is Teresa, a seventeen year old girl who would have been become rich at eighteen years. To overcome the consequences of the car accident, the girl needs a heart transplant, but her grandmother Eileen, the only keeper of this young patient, prefers keeping her alive thanks to an artificial support. A day, while Eileen is away for the weekend, Teresa passes away and from this stage the mystery of the book begins. The girl has died mysteriously, maybe for a window who her nurse, a Jamaican who believe in reincarnation, forgot to close. An…

A list of the best books by Ken Follett
Fiction / May 15, 2017

What are the best books written by Ken Follett? Is there a list about these books? Yes, there is and you can find it in this post. Before browsing my list,  also read what I think about this novelist. In my view, Ken Follett is one the best novelists of all times. The reason is simple: he has always written as a professional writer and not as an amateur. His writing is sharp, simple and far from the complicate sentences that unknown authors write in their early books. That is why the books by Ken Follett should be read not only by Ken Follett’s fans, but also by aspiring authors and by all other people who dream to become professional novelists. Mr. Follett spent almost 40 years of his life writing novels, he is also specialized in historical novels set in several epochs, from the Middle Age to the past century. His works are the best consequence of long researches about historical events from which he can get ideas and inspiration for his stories. Ken Follett was never scared to show their works to literary consultants and literary agents in order to improve his writing. Before writing a story, this…

Review of The Swindler by Antonino D’Anna
Book reviews , Fiction / April 19, 2017

Some weeks ago I and the author decided to publish a double review in Italian and English about the same book: the unpublished manuscript titled L’Imbroglione that I translated into The Swindler. As I said, The Swindler is an unpublished manuscript because Italian publishers rejected it! The book is the latest literary work of Italian journalist Antonino D’Anna. I accepted to review this unpublished manuscript because I know about the writing style of this author-journalist and, indeed, I got confirmation of my belief: The Swindler is a real masterpiece of Italian literature, a masterpiece that Italian publishers refused to publish. For this reason, I invite foreign publishers to read this review and release the book in their Country. The Swindler tells about the social and political condition in Italy, depicting a decaying country, agonizing sometimes, split between bribery and moral decline. Italy is a republic kept by swindles. This is the clear message of this literary work. In the background of a crumbling country, you can hear the narrating voice of a mysterious Swindler, one who reached the heights of social and political power just thanks to swindles and compromises. The story about The Swindler is a typical Italian story….

Review of Puzzle Master by T J McKenna
Book reviews , Fiction / February 17, 2017

After reading this novel, I am still wondering if it is science fiction or religion fiction. What is surely proved is that is the most religious and spiritual book I ever read in my lifetime. Although it is set in a hedonistic, atheist and selfish future, topics and underlying sense drive us to deepen the Bible once again. I am discussing about Puzzle Master, the book written by T J McKenna.

Review of The Downing Street Plot by Toby Oliver
Book reviews , Fiction / February 8, 2017

Here is another book dropped into my hands in the proper time. Just a few days ago, in fact, in Italy, it arrived the spy movie titled “Allied”, with Brad Pitt. Well, I loved this book as much as I loved this movie. I am discussing about The Downing Street Plot: An Agent’s Revenge, a compelling and fast paced spy tale written by Toby Oliver.

Review of The Necklace V by Linda S. Rice
Book reviews , Fiction / November 16, 2016

A stunning combination between the past, the present and the future. I can’t help but starting my comment this way to talk about The Necklace V, namely the book of the Necklace series written by Linda S. Rice. Once again, the main characters of the book are Susan and James, the sixty year woman who travelled in the time to seduce her great love James, the singer of the most famous music band of all times.   The difference of the book 5, subtitled Strawberries & Wine,  is that the plot runs between the present and the future. Indeed, readers will find the main characters engaged in a relationship while they are old, during this year and during the next Christmas holiday of this year. For this narrative mastery created by the author, I found this book very enjoyable, but very rich of insights to delve into some burning issues of our modern epoch, such as sex relationships among old people and bullying. In this book, after having divorced from Hilary, the second wife, James is married to Darcy, the heir of a media empire who is always busy with the business of her family: journals. James, instead, after gaining…

Review of Murder Outside Haneyville by Gary Whitmore
Book reviews , Fiction / October 3, 2016

I don’t know if this book will remain in the history of thriller literature, but I am sure it’ll remain in my favourite bookshelf forever. I am discussing about Murder Outside Haneyville by Gary Whitmore. The book is 600 pages, more or less, (I read the Kindle edition), but the paragraphs and sentences are very short and I think you can read the several chapters in a couple of weeks or in a week, as well. The book tells about two American reporters who want to write a story about two teens missed in the 1970s and whose car has been found only many years later. The two journalists live in two different areas, they have different problems and lives and they are both of them obsessed with a 1962 Buick Special found in the lake of Haneyville, Tennessee. The car belonged to a young couple, Howe and Tiffany, missed at night, during the summer of 1970. The two lovers, indeed, searched a secluded place to live their intimacy. For this reason, aboard the car, they headed to Lake Haney, in Haneyville. And there, amid the woods and the song of night birds, just while they were about to make…